Timber frame with no access to otherside

Discussion in 'Builders' Talk' started by PlumbyGas, May 19, 2021.

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    Good afternoon all, hopefully can get some words of wisdom from the collective here.

    Currently building a timber frame extension. The plan was to keep a cheek of the existing extension which is traditional construction as there is no access to the other side (neighbour extension about 150mm away)
    However we have now found there is a fair bit of wobble in this wall as it is very poorly constructed, idea is to drop in and replace with timber like the rest of the extension.

    My question is about the ‘weather proofing’ of the wall that has no access. We can build it on the floor and raise it into position however as there is never going to be access to it again I want a belt and braces approach.
    The plan is;
    Timber frame,
    timber batten,
    concrete board.
    Then tape the joins and blackjack the whole area, any moisture can travel down the “cavity”

    What do you think? Any suggestions/feedback/input would be appreciated!

  2. stevie22

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    You will need to convince BC that your proposals are sound. TBH I think you'd do better with brickwork which you can lay and finish overhand.
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