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Discussion in 'Builders' Talk' started by Alexander Hepburn, Nov 22, 2018.

  1. Alexander Hepburn

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    Firstly I would like to apologise in advance if this has already been covered somewhere else, I am new to the forum

    I am away to start ripping out my old bathroom suite and putting in a new one.

    At the moment the bottom half of two walls are tiled and the shower area is also tiled. My plan is to tile the whole room.

    I have started removing some old tiles and as expected the plasterboard sheets underneath are coming away with the tiles. I was going to cut out the sections on plasterboard and replace the sections?

    Anybody got any better ideas or some tips etc for me doing this as it is my first time .

  2. LEH

    LEH Active Member

    You’d do better to take all the boards down and replace with tile backer boards e.g. jackoboard, wedi and the like. These are waterproof and can take heavy tiles. You just need to seal the joints and use the correct washers. You can use normal plasterboard, but you’ll need to tank it in the wet areas. This is cheaper though a bit more faff, the backer boards are a bit easier to work with but more expensive.
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  3. Alexander Hepburn

    Alexander Hepburn New Member

    I was going to use the green moisture resistant plasterboard. That is what is already in the bathroom. I assume this is good enough? Also can I tile straight on the green board? And what's the best adhesive to use? Completely new to all this but I am going to be selling the property soon so don't want to spend a fortune if i can help it.

  4. fostyrob

    fostyrob Active Member

    As mentioned above you can use plasterboard but newer and better solutions are now available which most other countries now use... the UK is fairly unique and stuck in it's ways.

    As it is is all coming down it would be a good time to get with the times.

    Just and example but there are lots of similar products around
  5. LEH

    LEH Active Member

    As cost is a concern, you can go with green plasterboard, but please do tank around the wet areas. Ardex or Mapei kits are good.

    Boards should be primed before tiling.
  6. Alexander Hepburn

    Alexander Hepburn New Member

    Thanks for the replies folks.

    I went and picked up some of the green moisture resistant plaster board today due to the cost difference.

    LEH you say I should tank the plasterboard in shower area still? And sorry for the probably silly question but what do I need to prime the boards with?

    Another couple things, do I need to fill the joins in the plaster if I am tiling over it? Also what's best adhesive and grout to use on this plaster? My tiles are ceramic 25x 40x 0.8cm and weigh 14kg m/2.

    Sorry for all the questions just don't want to miss anything or set myself up for a disaster lol.
  7. LEH

    LEH Active Member

    Yes I would tank the shower area. Moisture resistant plasterboard can take a bit of humidity but that’s about it.

    Something like mapei primer g, or you can use sbr. Be sure to follow the correct dilution from the instructions.

    Something like mapei keraflex maxi s1 would do you fine. It’s slow setting so good for diy. As long as it’s a bagged adhesive, that’s the main thing. The manufacturers will state what size tiles etc it is suitable for.

    Again the mapei ultracolor plus grout is fine, a lot of these products are available from the competitor... otherwise tile mountain have competitive prices, but factor in delivery costs.
  8. Mr Rusty

    Mr Rusty Well-Known Member

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  10. goldenboy

    goldenboy Well-Known Member

    I would absolutely have used backer boards.

    By the time you factor in tanking the cist difference isnt going to be much at all.
  11. eve fitzsimmons

    eve fitzsimmons New Member

    For me I went with the London bath co. Great firm to deal with and service, which is key for me. They did all the hard work I just told them the design I liked and it was very reasonable.
  12. goldenboy

    goldenboy Well-Known Member

    I used them. They were terrible. Just awful.

    They used sheets of a pork based luncheon meat to line the walls.
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