Titan 4 in 1 multi tool carb problem

Discussion in 'Screwfix' started by Colin Knott, Jun 6, 2019.

  1. Colin Knott

    Colin Knott New Member

    Starts and idles ok but as bogs down and dies as soon as you give it some boot.
    There are posts previously about this but I'm not finding an answer besides cleaning and changing fuel filter.
    I've had the carb in bits and blew threw and cleaned with carb cleaner,this morning I tried a new fuel filter and tubing,still the same with fresh fuel.
    It's had the max of about 10 hours use now ! Spares seem to be like hens teeth,what alternative carb will go on this do you reckon?
    It's all I could afford at the time,please don't recommend Stihl this or Ryobi that .
  2. KIAB

    KIAB Super Member

    Sadly nothing better than Stihl, my brush cutter about 20 years old, spares still available if needed.

    As for titan spares, they don't exsist, there is a carb adjustment tool available, details in other thread,it just doesn't work on some carbs, others it solves the problem.:confused:
  3. Des1984

    Des1984 Member

    How did you get on?
    I'm having this problem with mine however I got it working today.
    I changed the spark plug added new fuel gave a few squirts of wd40 into the shaft where the tools attach and started it up. At this point it still wouldn't run at full throttle and just cut out so I took the attachment off and gave it a lot of revs, I found turning it on its side seemed to work better. After a few minutes of revving I got full throttle and with no attachment it runs at very high rpm, I basically kept the throttle on full for a few minutes again its running at very high rpm. This seemed to sort the problem. I attached the strimmer and cut my whole garden with no issues!
  4. MPT

    MPT New Member

    Hi Guys

    Had the same issues with the multi tool losing power when the trigger was applied. Followed the suggestion on cap filter clean. No change so called the help number given and was sent an adjusting tool which has cured the issue. Just wanted to let browsers know this is still available and being sent out. Thanks all for the advice.
  5. Damian Thomas

    Damian Thomas New Member

    I have had the same problems with the multi tool, losing power, cutting out when trigger applied.
    Tried all kinds of remedies but ended up pinpointing the carb as the culprit.
    Ordered this carb as a replacement: Beehive Filter Replace Carburetor Carb for for Troy-Bilt TB575SS TB590BC TB146EC Walbro WYL-19-1 WYL-19 WYL-229 WYL-229-1 Shindaiwa T230 T230X T230XR-

    Fitting is very easy although you do have to remove the throttle cable bracket from the old one and fit to the new one, just 2 screws, a bit fiddly but OK, then it just sits back on the original arms. It has its own fuel primer bubble so the old one needs to be removed from the machine and the fuel supply and return tubes attached to the relevant connectors.
    Filled with fuel, primed, 3 pulls and it started up and runs better than originally did.

    The cost of the new carb is well worth the time to change and it only takes about 30 minutes , taking your time.
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  6. Des1984

    Des1984 Member

    Thanks for this info! I still have the same issue with mine, every time you pull full throttle it just cuts out. I've cleaned the carb so many times and tried using additives but nothing worked. It was a great tool when I first bought it.
    Going to try this, I'm not too great when it comes to engines and stuff so I'm hoping it's pretty straight forward. Thanks again!
  7. SteveZ

    SteveZ New Member

    Mine (already had new filter and tubing fitted) started bogging down when any throttle was applied. I read the above answers and found a suitable replacement carb. Just before it arrived I thought I would try a specific carb cleaner again. You can guess the result - now runs nicely!!. I used Wynn's carb cleaner and simply squirted it into the engine on tickover through the carb after removing the filter and its housing. Rev it a little to keep it running and it now runs properly - for how long I have no idea, but I expect trouble ......... If it lasts I may have a new carburettor for sale :)
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