Titan Planer Thicknesser beds not parallel

Discussion in 'Carpenters' Talk' started by kevinwebb, Sep 11, 2019.

  1. kevinwebb

    kevinwebb New Member

    I bought one of these last week and set it up before finding that the in-feed and out-feed beds were not parallel. A straight-edge across both beds showed that the beds dropped by over a centimetre from the centre (at the blades) to the outside ends. There appears to be no adjustment so I packed it up and sent it back.
    The replacement finally arrived today and I checked the beds first. Each is flat but a straight-edge across both beds shows a gap of about 1.5mm at the centre. So the beds are bent upwards rather than downwards this time, and it's a lot less bent but is it good enough?
    Does anyone have experience of these and how straight it needs to be to perform OK?

    Thanks for any help.
  2. KIAB

    KIAB Super Member

    Wouldn't do for me.

    Infeed and outfeed not being level/parallel is quite a common problem,there no adjustment.

    I've been looking out for a secondhand Kity 630 Planer Thicknesser,far superior.
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  3. Mr Rusty

    Mr Rusty Screwfix Select

    I have this planer thicknesser. As a planer, forget it, the tables are carp, have no adjustment and are very easily put out of line. As a thicknesser it works well with care, and I have put a tremendous amount of timber through mine and still on first set of blades. I extended the thicknesser bed with some 18mm ply to get an easier run in to remove snipe, and tie-wrapped off the safety micro :)eek::eek:) and made a new ply blade guard so I could use it without extraction and just let "the chips fall". Otherwise you need a very decent chip extractor - it makes mountains. Keep the bearings oiled,
  4. KIAB

    KIAB Super Member

    Should be Kity 636.:rolleyes::oops:
  5. ajohn

    ajohn Screwfix Select

    I've had one for a long time ;) I'd have to look to mention the make. All bed and rollers are flat and in line. It also came with a pair of rollers to extend the bed length. Basic idea is that if long enough and the timber is turned over each time it's fed through, light cuts, it will eventually flatten it as well as plane it. Within reason it does even without the extra rollers. Timber just needs supporting carefully as it's going in and at some point as it comes out :) A super long table would be much nicer.

  6. ajohn

    ajohn Screwfix Select

    This sort of thing is a modern problem. Makers don't care especially makes that tend to be a bit cheaper. It's almost like they make a bad job of making things to justify the lower price.

    Nice thing about mail order is 2 weeks to try stuff and then send it back if needed. In practice that should apply to things that aren't used in shops that they are bought from.

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  7. kevinwebb

    kevinwebb New Member

    Thanks for your replies. I'm far from a pro but I appreciate this machine is extremely cheap for a planer thicknesser and I was surprised by the number of positive reviews. I just couldn't find any information about just how flat the planer beds need to be in practice for a respectable result.
    I would buy an alternative small secondhand machine from a good manufacturer if I could find one for a reasonable price but I haven't been able to find one.
    The short length of the beds was always going to be an issue but not being able to adjust them into line seems a bit rubbish.
    If anyone has one of these with misaligned surfaces I'd be very interested in your opinion on whether it makes the planer unusable.
    In the meantime I'll take John's advice. I'll try it out and return it if it doesn't plane reasonably well.
  8. Mr Rusty

    Mr Rusty Screwfix Select

    Short answer yes.

    Long answer - I think it's just too flimsy on the table mounts. You can muck about trying to get them flat, but any pressure on the end of the table tends to knock it out again. If you lift the machine by a table..... The fence is also rubbish. However, as I say the thicknesser is OK. I found at most 0.1-0.2mm variation (on mine) across the 200mm width which is not bad. For a £150 machine, it does things it is very difficult to do with hand tools, but as a precision tool for trueing up two adjacent sides of a piece of stock, I'd rather do it by hand.
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  9. KIAB

    KIAB Super Member

    Fence is very flimsy.

    Infeed and outfeed tables too short.
  10. Neil Gerrard

    Neil Gerrard New Member

    Just bought one of these and the tables are not parallel. Surely though it is just how the machine is put together. Anyone tried to adjust the tables? How are they "attached"? I measured the spacing between the tables at the cutter and there is about 0.5mm difference across the width. Is there any way to adjust the adjuster? I reckon that is were the problem is. Otherwise it will be sent back.
  11. KIAB

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