To compact or not to compact?

Discussion in 'Landscaping and Outdoors' started by Chubs, May 6, 2020.

  1. Chubs

    Chubs New Member

    In levelling my garden, I have shifted one load of soil from the main area, to the back - which, having previously been a slope, is now encased by four walls.

    The reason for encasing it in the four walls, was to allow us to level the main area, and dump any leftover soil there to bring it up slightly higher - although not level with the main garden, we can now level this out and make it a useable space.

    We are installing and compacting sub base + granite dust on the main area for artificial grass this week, but was wondering if it was worth using any leftover to compact the back area too? Or does the soil at the back need time to settle first?

    If we can compact the back, how soon after laying the sub base do we have to decide what we are doing with it (e.g. simply laying with gravel or decking or something else etc).

    Thanks in advance!
  2. TartanPaint

    TartanPaint Member

    If you wack down the soil with Type 1 on top (dont forget a Geotext below the sub-base) it should go down hard. If the soil's just been tipped there it might go down quite a way - you're just speeding up the settling.
    You can leave sub-base open once its wacked down but be aware that rain will start to wash our some of the fines out if there's nothing laid on top. Also leaves and debris will gather which mean you start to get weeds again. This time of year you'll get away with leaving it a few weeks.
  3. Chubs

    Chubs New Member

    Thanks! I had bought heavy duty landscaping fabric - but that appears to be different? And should just be used directly under the artificial grass?

    As it's coming Friday, having to do a quick find for some geotextile fabric I can get for then!

    Will Driveway Control Fabric do? Seems to serve similar/same purpose?
  4. TartanPaint

    TartanPaint Member

    Ideally you want the thick white non-woven stuff. the black rolls they sell at garden centres are pretty useless for landscaping

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