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Discussion in 'Plumbers' Talk' started by Harry Stottle, Jun 20, 2014.

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    Why are the modern filling valves so complicated? In ours downstairs there are a number of complex plastic parts, O rings and a rubber or plastic diaphragm. It emits a loud noise when the tank's filling, I've tried dismantling the valve and cleaning it but it still emits a high frequency noise. I've already replaced it with a new one 3 or 4 years ago but now this one's started. I've taken it to pieces to clean it but there was no noticeable muck in there and in any case it's a sod to put back together. Looks like I'll have to go and buy a new one.
    I love the old fashioned type with a brass piston that forces a small washer against the inlet to shut it off, dead simple and reliable, our local ironmonger sells them but they won't fit because the inlet is underneath on the new ones but on the side on the old type. We've got one upstairs and it's not given trouble in 18 years
    I do wish manufacturers would not design things more complicated when there's no need.
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  3. Harry Stottle

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    I guess you're right Tom, it seems a feature of the throw away age.
    It's OK for me, a tenner isn't too bad but when the hassle of changing it is thrown into the equation, one wonders about the mentality of designers who seem hell bent on trying to mend something that's not broken and even then it's unreliable.
    I'm putting together a conversion kit to enable modern systerns to use the tried and tested brass piston designs.
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    Good for you Harry.;)
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    Go Harry Go!
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    You can buy the old fashioned type you mention to fit the cisterns that have the water inlet on the bottom.

    They must use these compact plastic float valve type because cisterns are much smaller in size than they used to be and the old design brass type with long arm and ball wouldn't fit.

    I purchased this type and modified it to fit our cistern as the new type aren't good for water hammer and annoying the neighbours.
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    Thanks for the link Supra, that's really useful. I like to support local businesses so I'll ask our friendly local ironmonger tomorrow, I'm sure they'll get one for me, if not I'll order it on line from BES. We're lucky that we have a shop in the village, no pre-packed stuff, you can buy exactly the number of screws, bolts etc. that you want and they are generally cheaper than the warehouse type DIY shops, the staff are very knowledgeable too. Long live small family businesses!
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    <<< Long live small family businesses!>>>> amen to that,

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