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    Could anyone help.

    I toilet is not flushing properly.

    When it does actually flush, which is a bit on and off, the cistern fills up but the plastic container thing (sorry don't know the proper name) doesn't appear to fill and the flushing handle is just limp.

    Could it be something just just sticking or a seal that's broke?

    It's a low level cistern so I have good access to it and can see everything that's happening (or in this case not happening)

    Any advice on what to do, or look for, would be appreciated.

  2. If it's a normal syphon fitting, the chances are that the thin plastic diaphragm inside has ripped.

    If you are lucky, you'll have the model that allows you to detach and remove the syphon from inside the cistern. Chances are, unfortunately, that it's a cistern-off job as the syphon is held in place with a large nut - on its underside...

    Can you take a photo of the inside workings?

    To confirm the symptom; you haver a lever-operated cistern? When you turn this lever, you don't feel the same 'drag' as you used to do? Can you see partly through the syphon casing? Can you see what the water is trying to do inside it? If so, watch what happens to the water when you turn the lever - does it almost go 'over the top'?

    Finally, is the fully-filled water level inside the cistern nicely 'up'? Near the 'fill' line on the casing?
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  4. (Cue flooded house... :) )

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