Toilet troubles - No soil stack vent

Discussion in 'Plumbers' Talk' started by DIY123, Sep 16, 2020 at 11:36 AM.

  1. DIY123

    DIY123 New Member

    Hi guys,
    We’ve been having trouble with our upstairs toilets not flushing properly/getting blocked/slow to drain.
    The toilet has been augered and is clear, drains have all been inspected and the soil stack is clear. Which led me to believe it was a vent issue. At this point I discovered that there’s no vent for the soil stack neither outside, nor into the loft!
    My question is, is there a way to improve the venting without needing to rip out the walls to get to the stack? Is there somewhere else in the system that we can add a vent?
  2. just pumps

    just pumps Screwfix Select

    Where does the soil stack end then if neither in the loft nor outside?
  3. DIY123

    DIY123 New Member

    I suspect it just terminates in the wall, hard to tell without ripping the wall out though.
  4. just pumps

    just pumps Screwfix Select

    You might have to.
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  5. Kas228

    Kas228 Active Member

    Is this something that has recently started being a problem, has it ever been ok?
    How long you been in the property etc.
  6. AnotherTopJob

    AnotherTopJob Active Member

    There's probably an air admittance valve somewhere, they're often boxed in a corner but ideally should be accessible.
  7. DIY123

    DIY123 New Member

    It’s been an issue for around 6 months,have been in the property for 3 years. Toilet clogs regularly but never used to. We’ve had a camera survey all the way up the stack and no issues. Just lots of limescale buildup which has been cleared since.
  8. DIY123

    DIY123 New Member

    That was my hope, but nothing accessible/visible. I’ve spoken to a friendly plumber who suggested he might be able to fit a ‘dergo’ in the bathroom and box it in. But that it’s not really the done thing.
  9. The Teach

    The Teach Screwfix Select

    Where exactly does it clog ? its important to know plus there are other important ideas which need airing.

    When it comes to wc's what has changed since the property was built,info helps

    maybe the wc pan operation is not that good,what manufacture is the wc pan.

    do you have a downstairs toilet on the same soil pipe.does it clog up ?

    Some properties dont a have their own vent pipe but rely on venting by neighbouring properties or other arrangement,it could be mentioned in the property deeds but they can be incomplete or defective.

    have a dig around :D
  10. Kas228

    Kas228 Active Member

    AAVs are normally 3 feet or so above the highest loo. Mine is in the eaves of a chalet style house. If it was ok before then it may be stuck, any panels around screws or masticked?
  11. jonathanc

    jonathanc Screwfix Select

    what has changed in the last 6 months? and exactly what has been blocking up. could be as simple as someone who is normally out at work taking a dump at home because of lockdown and they are in the habit of using tons of bog paper...

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