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  1. Thanks would it be possible to bring forward with this type of fitting (link to my post above with photo for convenience) #3
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    Marginally but it won't stop a house sale.
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    Agree the seat can be adjusted side to side but not so sure with that type hinge that there’s any front to back adjustment possible

    Of course, I’m happy to be wrong on this point

    With the round hinge plates you either rotate them to bring seat back and forth or they have a choice of fixing holes for metal hinge

    Don’t think there’s this luxury with this hinge and yes, seat does look a little small for the bowl
  4. I'll email the plumber on Monday with photos and say its too small and misaligned.
    Thanks, hope he has time to change it. I haven't been invoice for it yet, feel like young plumber rushed the job, he even admitted to rushing it. That's why I put so many problems on this page regarding wonky pipe, not deburring etc.
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    Some toilets can be tricky to match up a good fitting seat to and especially at a certain price point, depends on the shape and size of the bowl

    Other toilets will fit the first seat that comes off the shelf

    Some ‘D’ shaped toilets are really difficult to match a seat to and often have to buy an over priced manufacturers seat as nothing else fits

    Recently helped out a friend of my mums by sourcing and fitting a seat for her but took hours of looking and trying several seats before finding one that fitted at an ok price for her. Was recommended a seat by Twyfords (I think) but was over £100 for a white plastic seat and for this little old lady, that was too much

    Local independent bathroom shop came up trumps in the end for a little over £30

    Of course, I didn’t add a penny, my good deed for the day :)

    The rubber feet should at least be supporting the lower seat on the rim of the bowl so when you sit, your weight is supported across the seat by the rim and the seat doesn’t bend

    If the seat is a poor fit, the feet may not be on the rim or only just

    Anyway, don’t worry too much and hopefully the guy will swap the seat without an issue

    As to influencing the sale of your house ...... you gotta be kidding right ? :confused:

    Anyway..... I can’t talk about loo seats all night long, my wife is missing me :)
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  6. Thanks for your reply

    Yeah, the rubbers don't span the bowl, they don't reach the outside of it, and hang over the inside of the bowl.
    I would rather the seat doesn't bend or even break.
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    I wouldn't worry as after changing the door locks the next thing is replacing the toilet seat when new people move house.
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    For a start it looks like a bottom fixing wc seat,if it is bottom fixing could try loosening the wing nut type of nuts and carefully pull the seat forward. If that does not work remove the seat and look to see if there is alternative bolt fixing slots/holes in the toilet seat bracket.

    Line up the seat so its central to the wc pan,photo shows a hint its orf center.

    The seat buffers need to uniformly rest on the china rim,if they dont maybe there is a compatibility issue.

    Wc seats,why so difficult :D
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  9. Hi an update, emailed plumber with pics sent on here, he will adjust. He said it is the correct seat, but I think its too small.
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    Seats can be adjusted forward and backwards so that's what the plumber will do. :)
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  11. Thanks, will report back if I have more info.
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    I think you'll find that those hinge bases can be swapped to the opposite sides, moving the seat forward as a result.
  13. Thanks, hope plumber knows this, he has 35 yrs experience so I am sure he will.
  14. Forum been down so I thought I would send a picture of the toilet now that the plumber has moved it forward. Comments welcome please. IMG_20200628_192217760.jpg
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    Its a pity you didn't replace £5 worth of new lino, & run a coat of paint over the walls.
    Now that would put me off more than a doggy looking loo seat.

    Ps. The loo seat still looks out of line.
  16. Yeah I thought that too, the plumber brought a new loo seat with him but decided to use the same one.He is an accredited plumber, not from checkatrade etc, he has proper accreditations from plumbing trade body, it was his employee who fitted the loo and him who straightened it. He lives about 30 miles away do you think I should tell him or is it easy to put back in line? I don't wanna have to pay for petrol.
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    He should of gone to Specsavers! :D
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    There is no way I would buy a house with a toilet seat like that.

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