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    I have missed this forum.
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    I still can't understand why you would have spent money on having a new loo & seat, & not done the other £10 quids worth.
    And, checked the loo seat before the plumber left.???
    Pull that tatty Lino up & paint the floor, or do something with it, don't just leave it like that. o_O
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  3. Is there going to be a problem with the screws on the base where the toilet was fixed to the floor, given that the floor is concrete, ie corrosion, cracking etc?
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  4. I hope this is a joke, I have autistic traits so I struggle with humour, as in I can't tell if a joke is a joke.
  5. I did check the loo seat, it had been pulled forward but I missed the fact that it was MIS-aligned.
    What do you mean when you say "not done the other £10 quid's worth" £10 worth of what?
    I'm not a plumber and I dunno how to fit toilets so I dunno what you mean when you say £20 quids worth.
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  6. What do you mean, I have autistic traits so I can't get banter? The plumber is an accredited plumber, he sent his employee to do the work.
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    Sorry. Yes just joking. Don’t worry about it at all. The seat can be adjusted easily as you’ve found. Plus when you buy a house you normally change everything. Even kitchens etc. So a toilet seat wouldn’t be any issue at all.
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    There is a word/condition for everyone these days, after translation it generally means an excuse for a money spinner.
  9. Sorry I don't understand, please can you elaborate? It's the "money spinner" that confuses me, I am sorry I need things spelling out to me as I have trouble with vagueness that normal people would understand.
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    Whilst the seat may still be slightly out and I say may be because the photograph wasn`t taken square on I really wouldn`t worry about it. Everytime I`ve moved changing the locks and loo seats is first on my list.
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  11. I'm just worried the metal screws in the base of the toilet are going to corrode and damage the concrete floor.
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    I think the lino will curl up, allowing the damp to rise from the concrete floor, migrate to the poor quality loo casing, & fracture the pan into millions of particles.
    Just as the plastic seat browns from oxidation.
  13. Are you serious or joking? I do have autistic traits according to the NHS and it is really difficult for me to tell if someone is joking or not. It's called poor theory of mind. It's a disability.
    What do you mean by poor quality loo casing?
    How do you know it is poor quality?
  14. Sorry I don't know what you mean, all I want to know if is the metal screws will damage the concrete, what the loo casing is, and how to tell if it is poor quality. Please, serious replies only, my disability is not good with jokes.
  15. According to the NHS, I have autistic traits which impede my ability to tell if someone is serious or joking. See my post above link here #53
  16. That's cruel have you never met anyone who has autism, life is really difficult for them, they find it hard to communicate.
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    Ignore him he's a troll
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  18. A troll coming on in the middle of my questions is the last thing I need.
    I just wanted to know if the metal screws in the base of my loo on this post will damage the concrete floor as per this post #34
    I also want to know what loo casing is, and how masterdiy could tell it was poor quality, see this post #52 and also if masterdiy is joking as I have no knowledge of plumbing and fear I have been fobbed off with cowboy work.
    I don't have a fan in my bathroom. Thanks
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    Are the screws stainless steel or brass...if so no worries.
  20. I don't know, here is a photo close up, it looks like they are coated metal, is this a problem if they are not stainless steel or brass? They look a bit tarnished. IMG_20200629_215351077.jpg

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