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    I didn't mention leaving the EU in that post i was just acknowledging the post from P J and describing how it effects the devide in wealth as the banks can create money from thin air, leaving the EU will not effect the monetary system of the U.K it's keeping us going? or keeping us enslaved?

  2. Keeping us going, and enslaved.

    Leaving the EU is going to change this how ?

    Got a better way (realistic that can happen and work?)? Choosing USA as our partner is a step in the right direction against fr banking, or a step further into the coffin ?

    I prefer EU to USA regarding banking especially. Don't you ?

  3. But it is nice to see some thoughtful comments supporting brexit and not the usual immigration, immigration, immigration as the only reason to leave.
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    How many posts do you want, have you not been reading. ???

  5. So how are we to survive in the current financially based world if we import more than we export? That is just a downward spiral that I am not looking forward to. But at least it will make us (eventually) a cheap place in the world to start manufacturing again
  6. Yes, been reading the same argument over and over again.

    Deny it all you like, but you have made it very clear, on various threads that immigration is your biggest and main concern

  7. I guess you remember the famous country and system that tried this very method? It's not taught in schools, is it
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    How have we survived up till now then, we been importing more than exporting for??????

    About as long as we've been a member (controlled by the) EU

    Long term we can restart our manufacturing businesses and be back to where we were once.

    Just need to stop trade unions wrecking it all with needless strikes and a government that's fair to the working man.
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    Really, or is it as I've actually said.
    Numbers not people, because that's very important.
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    Jack, please stop going on as though the UK will be at the mercy of the entire world when we leave the EU. All trade with the European block won't cease to exist overnight when we leave, in fact it will carry on as normal, with perhaps a bit of extra paperwork to fill out depending on the deal that's agreed. We aren't going to surrender ourselves to open abuse by the USA either.

    Shame on you, that you tarnish your country with such distain.
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  11. Start manufacturing how? With what? I love the idea, but it is not a push button start to do it.

    Now, name these needless strikes ? You getting confused with people rearing up against the establishment money making position at the poor mans expense? You support the working man or the establisment? You have voted for the establishment after all

  12. You think paperwork to export will be as easy as it is now, to europe? No increase in admin and costs, let alone a weaker pound?

    And I support my country fully, which is why I want it to prosper
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    I didn't, I voted leave. ;);););)
  14. Phil the Paver

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    Strikes, 1970s ring any bells.

  15. Oh, those recent strikes

  16. Do you think so?
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    Not recent but the down fall of the British car industry.
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    Yes, do you not believe the EU is the establishment then. ????

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    i don't see why you refer to the uk needing a sole trading partner? do you think people who can afford Mercedes cars or Mercedes themselves will stop importing or exporting them respectively? Or will we all just settle for ugly American sudans? We will still trade with the EU at the same rates as we do now it's just that someone has to swallow the tariff be it the consumer the manufacturer or the government however EU trade may be subject to tariffs but we are now free to negotiate bylateral trade agreements with the rest of the world not just the US

  20. Wasn't anything to do with the mismanagement then?

    Selling the best selling car at a loss (mini). An established fact.

    Ford had major strikes at the same too, and made a profit.

    That was the trade union faults too?

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