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Discussion in 'Just Talk' started by proby, Feb 17, 2017.

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    Jack, unless you've been living under a rock for the past 50+ yrs, you'll realise we've been importing more than we export for donkeys years. We've been on this downward spiral for longer than we've been in the bloody EU. (Watch someone come along and correct me, I bet the downward spiral started the day we bloody joined the EEC)
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    Britain is already a net importer. Has been for a long time :) It's generally argued that a currency devaluation such as the Pound has experienced post referendum...increases exports and thus narrows the trade gap :)
    So I'm not really sure where you were going with that line.
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  3. Not sole, never said that!

    But we need a major partner, or don't we?

    Trade with europe at the same rates as we do now. You think so ? Even Johnson thinks it's unlikely, by agreeing that we can increase our tariffs too. Great, but it just makes our imports dearer, and we buy more than we export, remember?
  4. joinerjohn1

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    Why not support your country fully now and get behind Brexit? Roll up yer sleeves and get stuck in Jack.

  5. You just agreed with everything I said.

    The difference being our exports won't improve as quick as people think. They certainly will be cheaper so should be easier to sell, until you get to tariff barriers, as we pay more for our imports

  6. I work hard, and make a profit, thank you.

    Why will me working harder make any difference?

    But I do see my prices rising to cover increased costs, to another man who has less money to spend because of brexit.

    Hmm, how does that work then ?
  7. P J Thompson

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    It's been done. Lincoln's Greenbacks being a notable example. What happened to him? More recently, Qaddafi tried something similar. What happened to him?
    Guernsey tried it and it worked.
    The thing that always seems to happen for some strange the private banking network rises up and says, um, no you don't. I wonder why?
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    SWBUILDERS Active Member

    Your missing the point, when we are free to trade with the rest of the world an abundance of goods will be available simple supply and demand will show that prices will be cheaper as some of the same products available from the EU will also be available else where so the EU tariffs will price them from the market

    SWBUILDERS Active Member

    It's been mentioned that JFK was also going to take back control of the US money supply just before....
  10. P J Thompson

    P J Thompson Active Member

    Did I? Excellent, we agree then :D
    I've no idea if exports will increase as quick as people think. I suspect you don't either to be honest. You're probably right though that if tariffs start to be paid, it will end up as some form of zero sum arrangement. The increased attractiveness of the devalued pound being offset by the extra tariffs of taking British imports. Who knows how this will pan out really? I'm not going to make predictions but I suspect that ultimately, a 'mutually agreeable' arrangement will be made. Britain needs Europe financially. Europe needs Britain financially. Under the current system :D
  11. P J Thompson

    P J Thompson Active Member

    He also gave speeches that followed on from Eisenhower's farewell speech in which he attempted to shed light on the emerging 'shadow government'...but there we're going into a whole other territory :D
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  12. longboat

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    Our trade with the EU will hardly be effected at all. Consumers will still consume, Jack.
    Granted, a bit of extra 'form filling' may be required, who knows? The government could negotiate a free trade deal with the European block without being a member of the common market. So business as usual.
    If they don't, or the euro masters won't allow it out of principle, then yes, tarrifs may be emposed which would add an administrative cost for companies dealing in the eu. So what?
    58% of trade currently manages perfectly fine with that 'crippling burden' already.
    Why can't the other 42%?
  13. longboat

    longboat Screwfix Select

    You may wish prosperity for our country, Jack, but you've made it perfectly clear that you don't think it possible without servitude too the eu.
    You must agree with that, surely?
  14. P J Thompson

    P J Thompson Active Member


    On a slightly related note: I'm no fan of working tax credits. I see them as a subsidy to business ultimately paid for by the people who receive them and every other tax payer too. But, what would happen if a decree were made that all businesses had to pay a proper living wage? Yup, prices would rise. Pretty soon it would just basically end up as a currency devaluation. You'd be paid more but the cost of living would go up. A pound would buy you less. Wages would be chasing their own tail! The same thing applies to things like the current minimum wage. Great in theory but business has to past the cost on, it has an inflationary effect etc etc. This is symptomatic of the madness of our economic model no?

    Ultimately I think small businesses like many of ours would go bust and big corporations would fill the gap. So what started out as a great idea to help the lower paid would likely just lead to more monopoly by the mega corps/globalists. Bearing in mind that the sole responsibility of a corporation is to make profit for it's stockholders, those profit margins must be maintained, whatever the value of the currency it's operating in. Therein lies another major part of the real problem, ahem, in my humble opinion :D
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  15. longboat

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    Oh dear, I'm replying to my own posts. :oops:
    I've changed my mind, however.
    I would like to retract the previous statement and instead say this:

    You may have wished prosperity for your country, but the overriding compulsion to say 'I told you so', has clouded your judgement.

  16. And britains only really successful industry is finance.

    We need europe, europe needs us financially under the current system. But you vote out ?

    If you want brexit, and there are some reasons to want it, should we not be in a position where we can stand on our own in the world first ?
  17. P J Thompson

    P J Thompson Active Member

    I don't want Brexit. I want the complete dismantling of the EU. I then want the complete dismantling of the current national systems of representative democracy, which do nothing but represent the interests of big money. Democracy-rule by the people, that's not what we have. We don't live in democracies. I'd like to see a debate about things like direct democracy. You could start with something like the Swiss model as a stepping stone. It works for the Swiss.
    I'd like to see the end of monarchies, the end of fractional reserve and central banking, the printing of debt free currency as a stepping stone toward a resource based economy.

    This is just the start of my wish list and in my view, these are things that need to be discussed. If we ignore things like this we are just fiddling with sticking plasters whilst the 0.1% carry on stitching us ALL up and taking the Earth toward a plastic sea, deforested nuclear waste ground.

    But for some reason it always seems that I'm in the minority :D

    Britain's financial sector isn't a success! It's ruddy criminal. It's corrupt to the core. It causes mayhem and suffering. It launders the money of arms/sex/drug traffickers, it does it's part in driving whole countries under. It creates conditions where people can't pay their mortgages then takes their homes. The financial sector needs locking up! In my humble opinion :D

    You're clearly being Nationalistic with comments like "stand on our own". I'm not a nationalist. I'd like to see the lines on maps rubbed out, as I've said. I think Nationalism is a big part of the problem, globally. I just don't see things through those eyes. If you're a nationalist that's fine by me but I don't agree with you or any other nationalist.
    Tear down the barricades!

    And I'll clear something up...I didn't vote out, or in. I didn't take part in the referendum. No doubt this means that I'm not entitled to an opinion or a say on it :D
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  18. Hmm, confused or confusing, or just mixed up?

    I am not nationalistic. But I do support my country. If I was asked what nationality I am, it would be English, European. It defines who I am and where i am from is all. I don't like barriers either, and the best example of lack of country barriers anywhere in the world is, guess where? Europe
  19. P J Thompson

    P J Thompson Active Member

    :D Cognitive dissonance? Much?
    If you wish to be defined by something as random as where you happen to have been born, that's of course your prerogative. Not summat I'd choose to do though. I'm defined by me, who I am, what I feel, how I think... and that changes. It's not something decreed by where I popped out of me mum :)
    To say that the best example of lack of country barriers is Europe is just wrong. There are patently national borders within Europe :D

  20. Okkkkk, so you are not British, or any other descriptive term ? And you don't support your country ?

    Or am I totally confused?

    And you have surely heard of the schengen zone, travel through borders without passports etc. Its the nearest thing to borderless countries that I know of

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