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Discussion in 'Just Talk' started by proby, Feb 17, 2017.

  1. Phil the Paver

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    I wish I had the ability to put my thoughts into words like this, this is exactly as I see it and voted along these lines.
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    SWBUILDERS Active Member

    How did you conclude from my previous post I didn't vote for anything?

    The list included control of immigration and laws so to regain this control it was obvious that membership of the customs union and single market would have to go

    People such as yourself and mr Blair branding people mis informed and un educated will not help your cause, in fact I believe that the remainders were the ill informed of the two sides who were told they would be hit with a punishment budget but it was clear to me both osbourne and Cameron's position would be untenable so would never happen

    You seem to be basing your opinions on assumptions of people's intelligence rather than trying to understand how the EU regulations effect their lives and subsequently the way they voted The only difference is Mr Blair gets paid a lots to express such opinion
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  3. longboat

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    The PM, David Cameron also made it clear that a leave vote meant an end to membership of the common market. As that's the only way a state can be completely independent from the EU.

  4. Logical, but.

    Brexit isn't going to create a money less world. More a world in which, what little money we have, goes even less far than it does now.

    The ONLY way the UK can improve, sufficiently to improve our standard of living is to export more than we import. Care to tell me when that last happened? Now in the meantime we, until it can be made to happen again, we need a partner to help carry us. Rightly or wrongly, the EU is a good partner for that and has helped our economy to the poubt it is at now.

    So, we go it alone, brexit. How do we survive, let alone improve? We will still need a partner to assist.

    The choice is, as i see it, Eu, USA, Russia, China, India, Brazil or other. Looks like we have chosen USA. Hmmm, not my choice.

    If this doesn't make sense, just compare it to home finances and a bank supporting you until better times are made to happen.

    Figureatively speaking we have just told our bank to stick its overdraft. Want to know what happened the last time a country did the same thing (relatively similar) ?
  5. I didnt see that on the vote slip. Wasn't even mentioned about how to brexit !
  6. Well, I think we know where you are coming from... :rolleyes:

    And no surprise that your somewhat rambling ('Star Trek' - really?) post is 'liked' by the usual suspects, who, bless, aren't very used to having an 'articulate' individual on their side :p

    And, of course, this is chust your opinion. Since it's backed with pretty much now't (to be fair, you do acknowledge it is your 'humble opinion' - but forgive me if I sense a touch of false-modesty there...)

    You can analyse 'globalisation' until the cows come home. And no question it is a flawed concept in many ways as it allows large organisations to become - sometimes ridiculously - large and powerful.

    So, analyse away - but please don't lose sight of two, I think indisputable, points: (1) Glob'ion is responsible for the vast increase in all our country's wealth (chust think back to your life, ooh, 40 years ago for a comparison). And (2) it breaks down political as well as trade barriers between the involved countries - it's pretty hard to become too tetchy with countries when you are successfully trading with them to your mutual benefit.

    So, flawed? Yes. But to be dismissed in such a, well, dismissive way (with, of course, no viable alternative put in place...) is silly, simplistic and - well - pretty stupid. In my humble opinion.

    And - of course - you dismiss Blair in the same terms. How droll. I suggest you read a bit - perhaps about how he rescued the NHS, the education infrastructure, how ONLY he could have got the GFA and given us peace in NI, how HE stopped Milošević in his tracks as he planned and undertook acts of genocide. (I could go on, but that's enough for now - yes?)

    So the beautiful irony of PJ's zero-paragraph post is that it demonstrates Blair's point at how ill-informed was the 'thinking' behind the Leave vote.

    So, thank you, PJ.

    "Wet dream"... lol, what a card.

    SWBUILDERS Active Member

    You seem to be confusing increased GDP and increased standard of living
  8. proby

    proby Active Member

    They don't put details on general election vote papers either but you know what your voting for.
  9. proby

    proby Active Member

    And he made the sun shine brighter and rainbows more colourful :rolleyes:
  10. joinerjohn1

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    To leave the EU.
    What does Remain mean then Jack?
  11. You actually read it all? Really...? ;)
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  12. He did indeed!

    I smiled a lot more under Labour :D.

    I wasn't always the miserable grump I am now... :oops:
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  13. Just when there's a risk of the thread becoming too highbrow, JJ posts... :)
  14. joinerjohn1

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    Isn't this exactly what's happening in Greece? Except they haven't as yet, told their bank manager to stick his overdraft. Hanging on to whatever crumbs the EU props them up with. The EU are certainly dictating the terms of any help to the Greek government, to the point of telling them what they must do. Before you know it, they'll be telling them which laws they must implement next.

  15. I will answer that, if you answer the question I set you before.

    You say you assesed both sides of the conundrum. So name 3 advantages of remaining in and 4 advantages of leaving.
  16. joinerjohn1

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    DA, Jack's asking what Brexit means, so therefore I exercise my right to ask what Remain means. My personal view is that Remain means coming under even more control from the EU.
    Why only 3 advantages for Remain and 4 for leaving ? Come on man , even it up a bit.

  17. Yes, people understand general elections in the same way.

    "My father voted xyz, so I will too ".

    Not many people understand what they are voting for
  18. longboat

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    Good on ya, DA. It's refreshing to see you're at long last addressing the argument rather than the individual.

    Keep it up, we don't want any more fallacies from you.

    No cries of irony please, I'm just stating facts.
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  19. (Damn - is the guy being sarcy or not... :()
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  20. proby

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    Perhaps we all would have smiled more if he hadn't given the uk rebate back to the eu for a promise on agriculture reforms that never materialised and then got thousands killed and destabilised the Middle East and still says it was the right thing to do.

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