Toolboxes vs. Tool chest

Discussion in 'Tool Talk' started by Theleman, Nov 29, 2018.

  1. chippie244

    chippie244 Super Member

    Just buy some poison or little nippers.
  2. Theleman

    Theleman Active Member

    We thought about that. But because passing cats and dogs could also be in danger, so it is not good idea.
    Also we didn't want mice to die under the shed floor or somewhere in hidden spot.

    Best way seems persuading them move way using smells or noises (petrol or bleach smell and 2 stroke engine ticking noise seem perfect for that :D)
  3. chippie244

    chippie244 Super Member

    Poison or little nippers in your shed isn't going to bother anything else, there isn't enough meat in a mouse to smell.
  4. Theleman

    Theleman Active Member

    Poisoned mice could go out the shed, and get eaten or bitten by cats or dogs, which will harm them too.
    Quite often I can see cats searching for mice or hunting for birds in the corner of the garden.

    hmmm... not like idea of dead mice under the shed floor or in the corner of toolboxes regardless.
  5. chippie244

    chippie244 Super Member

    What is the professional approach to vermin?
    Use Little Nippers then.
  6. goldenboy

    goldenboy Super Member

    You cant gently encourage vermin to leave.

    You have to take them out. In the sticks mice are always around and about in outbuilding etc. I just use a variety of prebaited boxes. Currently using Wickes ones.

    Most animals have an instinctive thing that stops them picking up or eating already dead mice etc.

    As Chip says not enough meat on a mouse to really smell. They just dry out.

    If there is a persistent vile smell from a "victim" it will be a top hat.

    Either that or Denis Nilsen.
  7. Theleman

    Theleman Active Member

    If mice problem get worsened, I was going to put some glue traps in the shed.
    But no sign of them since petrol chainsaw running in the shed, so hopefully gentle eviction strategy was success.
  8. Theleman

    Theleman Active Member

    I picked up a Stanley tool box from Costco for £28 about a month ago, and it is the best tool box I have got. It has wheels, and telescopic handle. It can take upto 30kg of tools in it.
    Width is about 3ft.

    I wanted another one, so went there again on last weekend, but they were sold out.

    Mine is different from all the Stanley toolbox you linked in the post.
  9. chippie244

    chippie244 Super Member

    Went into the garden this morning and there was a dead mouse lying there, presumably poisoned, and the cat hadn't touched it.
  10. Mikl8891

    Mikl8891 New Member

    Cats are not stupid to eat poisoned mice :)
  11. Theleman

    Theleman Active Member

    Not keen on putting poison in the shed.
    As said, if gets worse, was going to put on glue traps.

    Bleach mixed with water 10:1 spray around the corners and floors, and occasional start petrol chainsaws in the shed seem working.
    Cleared all the papery stuff, cardboard boxes and fibre stuff too.
    There are only metal and hard plastic stuff are in the shed now.

    No more mice droppings noticed recently.
  12. chippie244

    chippie244 Super Member

    The rats have probably eaten them, they love bleach and petrol fumes.
  13. Theleman

    Theleman Active Member

    Bleach could be type of poison, if eaten :D
  14. WillyEckerslike

    WillyEckerslike Screwfix Select

    Petrol fumes contain carbon monoxide so you've possibly poisoned them anyway.
  15. Theleman

    Theleman Active Member

    My shed is now full of petrol smell with petrol and oil getting mixed in there, and running engine time to time.
    It is good for chainsaws as well, I suppose.

    Then 10:1 water and bleach mixture spray 2-3 times a week.
    Cleaned the floor, wall and corners with shop vac.
    Nothing to chew or eat in the shed for mice.

    And I am sealing all the holes in the shed with battens .
    Got bubble wraps and tacked onto the wall and been screwing osb and plywood boards onto the wall and floor.

    Then will give a coat on the outside of the shed with fence treating paint = got a huge can of Ronseal half full leftover from a few year ago when shed exterior was treated.
  16. Chrisos

    Chrisos New Member

  17. wiggy

    wiggy Screwfix Select

    They are over priced and break easily, DONT TOUCH THEM
  18. Alster

    Alster Member

    Chrisos- i use Festool systainer or tanos boxes - not cheap but very adaptable and easy to stack. Have a look on anglia tool centre they seem to have the best prices.
  19. Pollowick

    Pollowick Screwfix Select

    Why not call and ask - you may get them cheap:
    Chris Jones
    Managing Director
    +44 (0)1925 848228
    After all, it will be an internal call and you will be talking to your self.
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  20. sospan

    sospan Screwfix Select

    He probably won't answer as they probably don't like spam calls

    Not the smartest managing director using his own name to post spam :rolleyes:
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