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Discussion in 'Electricians' Talk' started by Possom, Aug 28, 2017.

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    Just a quick note and I think this is important - my electric toothbrush has been plugged into that shaver socket in the picture for what some 4 hrs and out of curiosity I just felt the metal plate - it is warm/very warm and there is a pronounced vibration evident. If the face plate was plastic then it might indeed induce a hairline crack I would think over a period of time.

    Maybe you should only plug these toothbrushes into a socket which has the shaver/electric toothbrush symbol on it, or is it normal for them to run at an elevated temperature?
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    Exactly ... and then feel it after 24 hours. At least with the metal ones the heat can spread across the plate a lost more easily and air can cool it.
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    What are we buying Mr P? MK or perhaps another make (must be brushed satin or something like that)? Will purchase the one for tooth brush charger and shaver - that heat build up and very strong vibration was no joke.
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    I'm going to get the white MK socket with the toothbrush symbol.

    It actually appears to be the only one available which has a toothbrush symbol.
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    SF should have them available - unless there is some real ancient stock! Check the date code on the box, it will be something like F1520N where the 15 represents 2015 and 20 is the week. Year 15 and above should be fine - my two are.
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  7. Quite an eye-opener, this thread.

    I have to say I am surprised - I'd have assumed that a shaver would easily demand more power than a leccy toothie.

    Electric toothbrushes have been available for many years now - I have an old cordless-charging Braun in my cupboard (got bored with it) - and I'd happily leave that charging via the 'shaver only' outlet I fitted more than a decade ago.

    And I'm pretty sure many millions of others have done so too.

    Quite worrying that it may actually be an issue.
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    I think maybe the issue is that a shaver socket was designed so you plugged your shaver in, had a shave, unplugged the shaver.

    So yes, DA the shaver probably does take more power over a short term.

    Peeps plug in a toothbrush to charge, not clean their teeth, so the load is continuous rather than short term, although it will reduce as the brush charges.

    As with all things, manufacturers want to reduce costs so have made windings thinner, cheaper etc so the older units that were built like brick boghouses have no problem in handling the load, but newer equipment has been thinned down and is not so forgiving.

    Just my thoughts.

    Kind regards
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  9. Pollowick

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    As I said before, it is NOT the load that causes heating but the losses in the transformer which will be broadly similar irrespective of load. Even te older ones said to unplug the razor when not in use - unplugging cuts the supply to te primary and thus no heating.
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    Thanks Possum for the info - all appreciated m8
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    I would not expect the power taken by the tooth brush is the problem, it is the loses in the transformer which cause the problem, it is designed to be only powered when shaving or cleaning teeth, once this operation is completed pulling out the plug switches off the supply to transformer.

    What would be interesting is to plug in a plug without it powering anything, all it is doing is pushing on the switch which allows power into the transformer, and see if it gets hot.

    The same applies to 110 volt power tool transformers, the old tin box on the wall has a good quality transformer, with no power tools plugged in it is quite cool, however plug in a yellow brick for 24 hour even with nothing plugged in and it gets quite warm.
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    More expense - wish I knew about all this stuff before I bought my flamin shaver socket phnrrrrr phnrrrrrr
  13. Bazza-spark

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    I think if you read my post again you will see I stated that it was the fact there was something plugged in continuously causing the transfomer to be continuously supplied. Using and electric shaver was plugged in, used and then unplugged was also my statement. Please read my comments correctly before shouting.

    Kind regards
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    They do.

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