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Discussion in 'Electricians' Talk' started by MJA, Mar 12, 2010.

  1. MJA

    MJA New Member

    Electric towel rail in bathroom fed from lighting circuit (6A 60898 type B with 30mA 61008 RCD) via double pole pull cord with neon outside zones.

    Does this compy with BS7671 ?

  2. sysparks

    sysparks New Member

    what is wattage of towel rail?
  3. seneca2

    seneca2 New Member

    Sound's ok.
  4. MJA

    MJA New Member

    what is wattage of towel rail?


  5. sysparks

    sysparks New Member

    As said, sounds fine.
  6. MJA

    MJA New Member

    ok cheers.

    Couldn't decide whether 3amp FCU might be required as is the case with an extractor fan.

    Thanks for replies
  7. Chuck Wanoff

    Chuck Wanoff New Member

    Not required
  8. seneca2

    seneca2 New Member

    If it's on a 6amp breaker no fcu required, (same with a fan)
  9. pearcy

    pearcy New Member

    Not required

    since when was you the manurfactuer
  10. Chuck Wanoff

    Chuck Wanoff New Member

    I'm not a manufacturer, but the fact remains that the fcu is not required.

    Manufacturers only issue guidelines anyway, and it would be foolhardy to follow their instructions blindly.
  11. seneca2

    seneca2 New Member

    Fan manufacturers literature often says to use an fcu with 3amp fuse if not being fed from a 6amp circuit (or words to that effect).
  12. MJA

    MJA New Member


    Actually my assessor this year highlighted that manufacturers instructions MUST be followed even if they go beyond the requirements of BS7671. This is specified in the 17th edition.

    Most fan instructions state a 3A fuse required unless the circuit is protected by a 5A fuse or less. Personally I never install a FCU on a fan but always an isolator switch, despite manufacturers instructions.

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