Track Saw vs Circular Saw with Guide?

Discussion in 'Tool Talk' started by Whiffle, Aug 20, 2019.

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    Thanks for update, real shame.
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  2. DIYDave.

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    Strange one that is all the reviews, both on SF and other sites / You Tube videos always very good

    All other Titan tools available so not like their clearing out complete range and rebranding

    Although Titan generally only sold through SF, you can find them on other online sites, Amazon, EBay, etc
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  3. sospan

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    With all the track saws, the manufacturers recommend you adjust the guide bearings at the bottom of the saw to ensure smooth running of the saw across the track. Then once it is tuned, the edging strip should be cut back based on your individual settings.

    I have Festool kit. Both the 55mm and 75mm machines have a riving knife which drops down behind the cut. I haven't found anything the 75mm saw won't cut and with the track you can line double sided cuts precisely 150mm ! and much easier than fiddling it with a bandsaw.

    When you change the blade you are supposed to replace the edging strip on the track. However, I have found the differences on the kerf on most track saw blades, so marginal it is hardly worth the effort on all bar the most pecise cuts.

    To get a 90 degree cut to board edge, there are many after market squares which clamp onto the end of the track turning so it makes a perfect 90. The other option is to make yourself a "parf" table and use bench dogs to hold the material and stock at 90 degrees. What is really cools are the tracks for the Festool HKC come with stops which set it at 90 degrees and most popular angles. The neat bit is as part of the guard returning it moves the track back to the start position ready for the next cut

    With narrow edge cuts either use a jig or place a piece of stock of the same thickness under the track to balance it.

    In terms of angled cuts there are normally stops for the frequent angles on the saw base and I just line the cuts up with these.

    The Festool gear is prohibitively expensive for most people but when you way up the time saving and the expensive cost of making a bad cut in material and applying the promotional vouchers bring the costs down quite a bit.
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    :) :) I'll stick with Makita thanks.

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  5. Beeero

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    I’m a big makita fan but the Festool TSC 55 is the daddy of them all
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  6. ajohn

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    All about the kit that comes with it - also the electronics which oddly enough is used by you no who but no need to take double cuts one workstops - it's a more powerful saw

    ;) I'm glad Festool made them up their act a bit.

    Also finished up with 2 dust extractors. A cheaper Trend shifts more air. Doesn't look so nice though. My son bought the Festool, I probably wouldn't as I have come across German bull brown stuff on all sorts of tooling. ;) But if people want to be sucked in that's fine by me.

    What the other video says about the stock Makita blade is true as well. Normally I would stick a Freud in immediately. That ones after 3 years of use. Tracks on mine are straight, flat and I'm pretty sure the lead is longer.

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  7. Beeero

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    TCS is cordless so not really comparable.
    the other thing I really like with Festool is the 3 year theft insurance
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  8. ajohn

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  9. sospan

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    When I bought my first piece of Festool kit a long time ago, that came as a complete surprise to me and was quite a nice bonus

    There are few guys around here that had their vans turned over. One was a pair doing subcontract kitchen fitting and were so glad that Festool offered that and the speed of replacement. They were so relieved because their insurance company was looking at months before a payout so they were potentially n a terrible position , no tools to work, so couldn't complete their jobs, so no money coming to buy tools. They had replacement tools within their hands in two days and with the limited cash they between they got some makeshift and borrowed tools to set themselves back up. Once their insurance money came they bought a whole lot of Festool kit

    When I bough the HKC, I thought I would regret it as it isn't a plunge saw just a carpenters saw but it really is impressive. If you are working on a roof or up lots of steps, it is much easier than lugging a chop/ mitre saw with you. It can also "plunge" really well, just set the blade as high as it will go and then lower the handle, it is as smooth as some of the other plunge saws, I have tried
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  10. b4xtr

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    I bought a cheap "parkside" job from Lidl a couple of months ago for £65 i think it was
    Only got it to cut some ply to make drawer boxes, was going to use my evolution circular saw but, having watched a couple of you tube vids, decided that for the money i'd chance it
    Must say it did a great job, oh and came with 1500mm track too
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  11. Whiffle

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    I have recently read that the Mac Allister plunge saw, that SFX are currently selling, is identical to the Titan model that has been discontinued - it is apparently a re-badge of exactly the same product and has something to do with BandQ and Screwfix being ultimately owned by the same company.

    This would also explain why the products cost the same, too.

    Could anyone possibly verify whether this is definitely the case, please?
  12. Ammar

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    Can confirm this is true.
  13. Rob Jones68

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    So glad I’ve finally found someone who can give me some sort of confirmation! Was looking at getting the Titan too but missed the boat! Heard a few whispers that the Mac Allister was the same product! Guess I’ll be down SF Monday to buy one! Thanks!

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