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Discussion in 'Just Talk' started by goldenboy, Apr 12, 2018.

  1. goldenboy

    goldenboy Well-Known Member

    Genuinely nothing but a recommendation. No spam at all.

    I travel a fair bit on trains and usually use Trainline or similar.

    Stumbled upon a site called TrainSplit.

    Was pleasantly surprised how much cheaper the tickets were using their split ticketing system.
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  3. Pollowick

    Pollowick Well-Known Member

    Technically, you need to get off and then back on at the station where your ticket is split. If you do not and there is a real jobsworth on the train you could get a penalty fare levied.

    I needed to go from Home to Birmingham. So, from the local station, the cheap ticket took me into central London, then all the way back out, past my original station, stopping further on at High Wycombe before continuing to Birmingham. I could have gone straight to High Wycombe, and saved 90 minutes, but had I been checked there would have been a penalty fare.
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  4. Dr Bodgit

    Dr Bodgit Well-Known Member

    And if your train doesn't stop at the station split, it could prove expensive.
  5. Pollowick

    Pollowick Well-Known Member

    That is often mentioned, but will only apply for non-train specific tickets. Most of the cost saving options will be from A to B and B to C - why would they sell you a ticket for A to B that does not stop there!

    I have just tried TrainSpilt for a journey I do regularly and the fare they come in with is £62.50 whereas booking through a train operator (not the one who runs the service) and it comes in at £46 for same dates and times. A variation on that journey, is £68 to £48. Using one of the other ticket splitters, comes in at much the same price as Train Split.
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  6. gpierce

    gpierce Active Member

    I did this once for a train journey from Manchester to Penzance back when I was a student. I saved quite a bit splitting it into I think it was about 7 different legs.

    The biggest downside was it was reserved seating, so particularly at the beginning of the journey I was swapping seats at every station. Sod's law when I tried to just stay in the same seat somebody came and asked for theirs - fair enough. And when I got to what was my reserved seat the woman sitting in it was so so so old that asking her to move would have been borderline evil. But I saved about £50 or so, for a couple of hours work with a spreadsheet. I found the ticket splitting sites didn't work that well for such a long journey.

    I'd do it again for a long journey through. Or drive. haha.
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  7. goldenboy

    goldenboy Well-Known Member

    When I booked it gave me specific instructions on which train to stay on etc etc.

    It also tells you in very basic terms which trains to get to ensure you meet the requirements.

    I was looking at around £80 for my trip and it came down to £36.

    You dont have to get off the train at the splits but you do need to be able to. So if its not scheduled to stop you have problems.
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  8. btiw2

    btiw2 Well-Known Member

    Isn’t it awful that if we want to praise something on the internet we feel the need to have to qualify or justify the recommendation? Yet, we don’t feel the same when we criticise. No wonder the web is so toxic.

    Thanks Goldenboy. I don’t think I’ll use it, but I might remember to recommend it to others.
  9. goldenboy

    goldenboy Well-Known Member

    This is true.

    There are so many self appointed "experts" on the internet.

    Most of it is just cut and paste these days.
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  10. retiredsparks

    retiredsparks Well-Known Member

    What would the cheapest one way rail fare be to send a group of people to ......Corrour station....on the West Highland line.
    Quite happy to organise a whip round.
  11. goldenboy

    goldenboy Well-Known Member


    That hammer has hit the nail right on the head.

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  12. btiw2

    btiw2 Well-Known Member

    Yeah.... about that.... I probably shouldn't bemoan the state of the Internet whilst fly-tipping on it.

    Pete, the avenging angel of poetic justice, deserves a limerick.

    "The web is toxic", b2 said,
    followed by a post ill-considered
    Pete thought it ironic,
    inappropriate and toxic
    Not a ban, but a warning instead
  13. Wet myself.

    Thank you, GB, for rescuing btiw2's post ;)
  14. You did use the 'F' word.
  15. btiw2

    btiw2 Well-Known Member

    I'd say I don't know what got into me, but posting rants late at night? We know what got into me - I can't bear to see if there's anything left in the bottle.
    DBTIW2 came out to play.
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  16. I'm quite fond of the Dbtiw2. :rolleyes:
  17. goldenboy

    goldenboy Well-Known Member

    Every now and then it impossible to not say something.

    I think it is most difficult when there is a thread that has zero ill feeling and is just unrelated to anything controversial and someone decides to put a snarky comment up, just to be unpleasant.

    Anyway back to train travel.

    The splitting thing does seem to work better closer to the date of travel.

    I think it will be a good resource.

    I was impressed by a) the price and b) how idiot proof the instructions are.

    On a separate not. When I was a kid and short on funds I worked out a totally legal way to travel the length of the country for virtually nothing.

    Permit to travel machines. Not sure if stations still have them but years ago every station had them. Usually hidden away in a stairwell or by the toilets

    All you had to do was put 5p in and get a permit to travel ticket out. That would allow you to travel for 2 hrs without penalty fare.

    I went absolutely hundreds of miles stopping in little stations to get a new one.
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  19. goldenboy

    goldenboy Well-Known Member

    No-one should do it.

    I am happy to say that about anyone.
  20. retiredsparks

    retiredsparks Well-Known Member

    You can cut the atmosphere of humiliation and embarrassment with a knife..........
    Not that I am one to gloat..(yes i

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