Transit Custom timing belt recall

Discussion in 'Car and Van Talk' started by woodbutcherbower, Oct 21, 2021.

  1. woodbutcherbower

    woodbutcherbower Screwfix Select

    Just a heads-up for any Custom owners who aren’t aware of this;

    The 2.0 Euro 6 engine is fitted with a ‘wet belt’ located inside the engine which runs in the engine oil. During failed DPF regens, excess diesel is dumped into the sump which progressively dilutes the oil - and also attacks the belt, resulting in a large number of catastrophic engine failures, even on vans which have only done 30-40k. I’ve always changed my oil every 6k from new- but plenty of owners follow Ford’s loony-tunes service recommendations and change every 24k or even less frequently.

    They’ve issued a recall for all 2.0 engines. The belt will initially be inspected, if it shows any sign of deterioration it will be replaced FOC.

    If you weren’t aware of this, get it booked into a Ford dealer pronto.
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  2. AnotherTopJob

    AnotherTopJob Screwfix Select

    Wet belts are bad news on most engines due to the problem you mentioned. Even during normal wear they shed rubber particles which sit in the sump and can eventually block the oil pick-up.
    I had a company Peugeot Partner 1.2 petrol fail at 4 years/20k miles with zero oil pressure.
    As mentioned, using the specific oil and more regular changes will certainly help.
    The small Ford ecoboost engines are basically scrap once the belt is due for replacement as it's something like a 12-16 hour job requiring specialist tools.
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  3. Adamfya

    Adamfya Screwfix Select

    Why would you even contimplate running a rubber belt in oil....
    Thats progress for you!
  4. AnotherTopJob

    AnotherTopJob Screwfix Select

    It's supposedly quieter with less friction so engines can get that all-important low emission rating.
    In the real world however, a terrible idea.
    When the Peugeot Puretech engine was released, it was assured the belt would last the life of the engine - it's now recommended to regularly change it at similar intervals to a normal belt.
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  5. woodbutcherbower

    woodbutcherbower Screwfix Select

    Spot on. That's also the reason why vans usually don't come with spare wheels, why the metalwork is wafer-thin, and why paint seems to be applied at sub-atomic level. Just everything conceivable to reduce the kerb weight.

    To be fair to Ford though - they've taken it on the chin, admitted the problem, and are replacing all of the blown-up engines FOC even though some of the affected vehicles are well out of warranty. If they weren't, a lot of owners would be looking down the barrel of a £7k bill. Gulp.
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  6. Bob Rathbone

    Bob Rathbone Screwfix Select

    It does last the lifetime of the engine, belt fails, engine dead. The belts used in the wet oil environment are not the ordinary black rubber that are used externally, they are a yellow polymer type substances, but they are difficult to get to when they need replacing and checking them is out of the question. Why not just use a chain?
  7. Adamfya

    Adamfya Screwfix Select

    Nowt wrong with a chain....till they stretch and get noisey.

    Still rather a noisey runner than a silent dead engine though
  8. AnotherTopJob

    AnotherTopJob Screwfix Select

    If it saves just a couple of grams on the emissions, manufacturers will go for the belt as it will sell more vehicles.
    On the Peugeot Puretech you can see the belt through the oil filler cap. Early models apparantly used the 'wrong' belt which degraded very quickly. Later belts supposedly didn't have this issue but you still have to use exactly the right oil, and ideally change it more regularly than specified to avoid the inevitable rubber debris blocking your oil pick-up.
  9. cornishspur

    cornishspur New Member

    Hi Woodbutcherbower, wish i had seen this forum before my belt went on my ford transit custom on the 23rd December. It's a 67 plate 2.0 Euro engine and luckily for me my mechanic new about this, though he hadn't mentioned it before. He got on the phone to do the talking and sure enough it's covered under a recall extended warrantee as it only had 96k on the clock and they say 140k for the first belt change i think. Notice they don't advertise the problem though.
  10. quasar9

    quasar9 Screwfix Select

    A lot of manufacturers have gone back to chain, although they stretch a bit but the tensioner will take up slack and generally last the life time of the engine. As Adamfya says the death rattle serves a useful warning well ahead of any failure. Cambelts can snap without warning hence preventative time bound change. But damage only occours if the engines are interference types where the open valves take up the same physical space as the piston moving up !

    I know someone who had the engine on a BMW X1 rebuilt by an independent after a cam belt failure. BMW tried sell a new engine. This was despite the car being serviced by BMW from new and the belt failing before the 5years or 70k miles were up.
  11. Adamfya

    Adamfya Screwfix Select

    Think you can get a chain mod now to do away with the wet belt
  12. MRY

    MRY Screwfix Select

    No need for anyone to bother with that. The belts will be replaced by Ford under warranty, free.
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  13. Ste.b

    Ste.b New Member

    Wouldn't hold your breath on that mine has gone on my 2019 310 sport 26tho miles 4 weeks out of warranty and they are ignoring me, never call me back im looking at 8-9k
  14. Timbo66

    Timbo66 Active Member

    Have you tried contacting Ford Customer Relations Centre?
  15. Ste.b

    Ste.b New Member

    I am in touch with there customer services even have a representative who is apparently dealing with it but they are not very helpful,
    These vans are just scrap metal in my opinion never again will I buy Ford
  16. Ste.b

    Ste.b New Member

    Just checked my call log and yes its the number I rang a month ago said he was going to get me in a garage then all of a sudden contact stopped. Rang yesterday morning he was busy still waiting for him to call me back, 26tho on a 3year old van with full service history and it needs a 9k new engine its laughable how this isn't been pulled and they are selling them for 30k+
    Put my vin into etis last night no recall on my van
  17. Ste.b

    Ste.b New Member

    Lesson dont buy a transit
  18. jonathanc

    jonathanc Guest

    I think you probsbly have a claim against the supplying dealer under the consumer rights act. I would try that avenue. The manufacturer has no legal obligation to do anything for you, it rests with who you bought the van off
  19. Ste.b

    Ste.b New Member

    What Ford branch you work at lol
  20. jonathanc

    jonathanc Guest

    I don’t work at at Ford branch. They are not branches they are franchises. I was giving you correct clear advice to see a financial remedy.

    no need for a sarcastic response.

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