Treating mould/mildew wall before wallpapering

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  1. Just about to re-wallpaper a wall that until recently, formed part of a built in cupboard in the bedroom. The corner of this wall was a little damp with some mildew (mould?). I think I've rectified the source of the damp (cracked render outside) but I guess I need to treat the wall inside before I wallpaper. Any suggestions as to what in use to kill off any mildew and stop the stain from coming through the wallpaper?

    Many thanks.
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    Apply a Fungicidal Wash as per instructions on container or weak bleach solution (Domestos) rinse off when dry, when that has dried apply a couple of coats of Zinsser Cover Stain to seal over the affected surface.
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  3. Many thanks. Taken your advice and job is now done.

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