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    Hi everybody,

    Need your advice please .

    I am looking for a small tree/shrub for the front of my house, front entrance to the door has lawn on either sides , wouldn't want the tree to grow taller than 5m/6m tall and that will blossom during spring or autumn ..And lastly not blocking out light and potentially the roots not damaging the foundations .

    What are your thoughts about this tree please ( malus purpurea crimson cascade ) will it shed a lot of leaves and cause a nuisance on the lawn you reckon ?

    Any suggestions would be much appreciated .

    Thanks and Stay Safe
  2. sparky steve

    sparky steve Active Member

    Do you have a dog?
    Malus 'Crimson Cascade' can be toxic. Its seeds are toxic to dogs.
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  3. Abrickie

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    We love trees in gardens.... subsidence work :)
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  4. ramseyman

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    I'd suggest an Amelanchier lamarkii or canadensis, white blossom, small fruits and good autumn colour. Doesn't get too large and roots not invasive.
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