Triton Ivory 4 Electric Shower Not Warming One Element

Discussion in 'Plumbers' Talk' started by trickstarlaw1, Feb 2, 2021.

  1. trickstarlaw1

    trickstarlaw1 New Member

    Evening all, I've had my shower installed for a few years but today was the first sign of an issue...mid shower the temperature dropped significantly. I turned the temperature up, the flow slowed right down and still didn't really warm up. Even when I have the shower on maximum heat, the flow rate is tiny to the point where it would take 10-15 seconds to fill a pint glass.

    If I put it on setting 1 (one red line on the shower) the water remains ice cold, but the flow rate is normal.
    If I move to setting 2 (two red lines on the shower) the water is warm at full heat, but cold when I change the temperature to what used to be normal for a decent shower, around 6-7.

    Even when I have the shower on setting 2 (full power), looking at the smart meter for my house I am using around 4kw, nowhere near the 8.5kw the shower is rated to so it's really not firing on all cylinders.

    I've followed a few videos online and found that:
    - The microswitch at the front of the shower is getting continuity
    - Both heating elements have continuity
    - The two microswitches at the back of the shower also have continuity
    - The solenoid valve has continuity
    - All of the wiring terminals seem to be connected ok.

    Any other suggestions? Plenty of water coming through to the shower, but seems like the first heating coil is not firing up at all. Will of course re-test any suggestions you may have.

    Thanks a lot!!
  2. terrymac

    terrymac Screwfix Select

    Measure the resistance of each element ,one of them is likely duff.
  3. trickstarlaw1

    trickstarlaw1 New Member

    Thanks for your help terrymac, I will double check tonight but from memory one element was around 16 ohms and the other closer to 12.

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