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  1. Matt_Smith85

    Matt_Smith85 New Member

    I am having a new kitchen fitted in around 8-10 weeks (after a little construction/demolishing work) and we are pretty much 99% there on what we want.

    In terms of the lighting, we would like strip LED's under the worktop edge and plinths. The images give a rough idea.

    Kitchen 2 LED Run.jpg Kitchen 1 LED Run.jpg

    The two runs on the hob side need to be 5m long each
    The two runs on the island need to be 2m long each
    The last run on the oven & fridge plinth needs to be 2m long
    They will all be run in conduit to achieve a bar of light rather than dots. I'm guessing 60/m, as these are the most common I have seen, albeit with a massive difference in price!

    I want to know if it is possible to have these strips wired into the mains and put into a multiple light switch near the entrance door. Another switch will do the LED's under the wall units (provided by the kitchen supplier with required driver etc) and a third switch will run the main downlights.

    Having looked at some of the maths and calculations needed etc, I'm a little baffled.

    So can the experts help me with:
    a) Can it be done?
    b) Have you done it? so......
    c) Can you recommend any lighting strips for the job? and.....
    d) How do I best explain this to the sparky doing the job?

    Thanks in advance
  2. Sparkielev

    Sparkielev Well-Known Member

    Have done this many times from a light switch, it far better and neater than a fuse spur i use collingwood led strip you can cut to suit and re use it, the light output is really good as well will try and post a link later
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  3. MGW

    MGW Well-Known Member

    It can be done, the first question is what is the lighting for? Is it decoration or is it to see by? There are loads of decoration lighting, often with lumen per watt down to 25, but for decoration that does not matter, however to see with, i.e. main lighting you want at least 60 lumen per watt, so the lights need a proper driver not a simple resistor, as a result there is a huge jump in the price.

    LED lighting can produce over 100 lumen per watt, Fluorescent lighting not far behind around 90 lumen per watt, but in both cases there are some units below 50 lumen per watt. The colour changing LED stick on strips are often worse lumen per watt than tungsten lamps. For under counter lighting I still use fluorescent.
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  4. Matt_Smith85

    Matt_Smith85 New Member

    These will be for decoration only, so although we are after a cool white, only a decorative glow really. The lights under the wall units are to be able to see, hence we have had these from the kitchen manufacturer as they worked out the same price but come pre-fitted into a flush channel.

    So yes, decorative only, so not excessively powerful.
  5. Matt_Smith85

    Matt_Smith85 New Member

    Sparkielev, I have has a look at the Collingwood website. I'll send them a couple of SFQ's and see if they can put a package together that meets my needs.
  6. Sparkielev

    Sparkielev Well-Known Member

    Out of all the led lights i have fitted i would say collingwood is the superior of them all, have noticed our hosts have started to stock some of the down lights
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  7. Dr Bodgit

    Dr Bodgit Well-Known Member

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  8. Matt_Smith85

    Matt_Smith85 New Member

    Thanks Dr, I looked at LED hut first but having spoken to them, i would need a transformer for each set of lights, therefore 5 transformers according to the guy I spoke with. I'll see what Collingwood comes up with
  9. Dr Bodgit

    Dr Bodgit Well-Known Member

    Can connect 2x2m lengths which is the same as a single 4m length so 4 transformers needed.

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