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Discussion in 'Plumbers' Talk' started by Shottsguy22, Jan 3, 2014.

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    Some of the tops are broken and they're hard to turn. Not looking to spend a fortune and the smarts ones look like they need different valves from the ones I have already. What could I replace mine with without fitting new valves ?
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    the smart ones have adaptors so they'll fit every make of valve
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    So any smart ones just fit onto the valve ? Also problem is I'm looking to buy about 5 so they're too expensive. Can you tell me what ones would fit on to replace the ones I have ?
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    Hi Shottsguy22. If the valves are hard to turn purely because the plastic handles are broken, then by all means consider replacement tops, but how can you be sure that they are not covered in black crud and hard to turn even with intact handles? Just something to bear in mind.

    If you know someone who can get trade discount you might find that it is just as economical to buy a set of new good quality complete TRVs than to try and source replacement handles.

    Even good quality TRVs do eventually need to be replaced and it would probably be a better idea to wait until the system is next drained down for a flush-out and just replace all of them. Judging by your user name Summer where you stay will probably start around mid June and you will have 3 weeks to switch the heating off, drain and flush, fit the valves, and refill with inhibitor just in time for Winter again :)
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    Lol thanks for the reply ! I'd prefer just to find replacements for the existing ones if anyone could tell me what type id need ??
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    Probably the best thing you could do right now is to open up one of the valves to max and remove the head / service cap / handle, whatever you like to call it. You should see a brass pin. If you can push that down with your thumb (maybe put on a glove first in case it doesn't and jabs a hole in your thumb), and if it then comes back up again, the valve should be OK. If it sticks or is stuck, then there is no sense in just looking for a replacement cap. If you then take a photo of the inside of that head and/or the valve on the radiator without the head, someone should be able to say for certain if this is a pretty universal fitting.

    It may involve using something like a 32mm spanner, or else it could just be the ones that you unscrew a knurled sleeve below it, push down gently, and lift off. Some also have an allen key grub screw.

    It looks very much like this Danfoss one being sold on eBay UK but sent from Poland, but it's hard to see from your photo.

    Interesting article here, with which I mostly agree for normal sized 4-in-a-block flats, semi-detached, or terraced houses in the UK, particularly those with open stairs from the livingroom and where people (like me) leave doors open to save the cat getting trapped in a room while I'm out and messing the floor.
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    Hi thanks again for the reply. All the pins are fine I checked then yesterday !

    Here are photos of the base of the trv's. They all clip on and twist off. Hopefully from the photo you can advise what ones I can buy to replace.

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    Hi I've had advice for a danfoss rep who tells me I need danfoss 013G604000 to replace my current heads with. Does anyone know the best place to get them or if any other tyres will fit ?
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    EDIT: I see that sam spade beat me to the same online retailer.

    Hi Shottsguy. Sorry for the delay in returning. As Sean had noted at the outset, I recognised the valves as being the same Danfoss ones as my parents have fitted. I paid a visit over the weekend and tried to get a part number off one of the heads, but I couldn't see one - probably because I need specs. I took it to my local Grahams Plumbing Merchants this morning while buying from the Screwfix counter 2 doors down. The young guy, who is quite knowledgeable, said that he could probably get some compatible heads (generic and Danfoss/Randall branded) ordered in, but he was pretty honest and told me that it would probably be cheaper looking on eBay and other online retailers. The part number you were given was one of the ones that was suggested. He confirmed my own conclusion that it is a "RAS-C" TRV.

    NOTE: I looked at the link to eBay that I gave in an earlier comment (the ones for £9.99 each from Poland) but although they look remarkably like your existing ones, those are for "NON-Danfoss" TRVs.

    Here is a useful page where you can buy RAS-C2 (that's C squared but you can't do supercript formatting here) replacements for the part number you were given, but they are £10.06 each EXCLUDING-VAT:

    It does have a useful table however:

    "Can also be used to replace heads on RAS-C TRVs" and it shows a popup photo of your existing valve head:

    Here is the Danfoss page showing details of the part number you were given:

    So, armed with that info I would do some shopping around for the best price including shipping. I am not finding any new ones for less than £9 though.
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    Thanks again for the replies. I've seen it here but never heard of the company ?
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    that's just one of those aggregation sites - with products from 100s of real companies - if you click on the buy button it'll send you to the original sellers site

    sadly for you the buy button on your heads is a dead end

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