TRV straight into the radiator

Discussion in 'Plumbers' Talk' started by Jacopo, Jun 9, 2019.

  1. Jacopo

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    I’ve seen this picture which is how Tado advertises their smart TRV

    It looks like the trv (weather smart or not) goes straight into the radiator

    Has anyone ever seen those? Where do I find them?

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  2. The Teach

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  3. Jimbo

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    Probably some kind of twin-entry radiator valve. I spoke to someone recently who had had a great deal of difficulty getting adequate flow through one as it happens.
  4. greenback78

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    There are a few reviews doing the rounds. One thing to be aware of that the motor in the TRV is quite noisy so they are not necessarily a good option for bedrooms (which is where I could see the most benefit).
  5. Mike83

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    Just fit normal radiators with a valve either side.
    It makes replacing them far easier in the future if it develops an issue.
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  6. Dave does Gas

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    Top entry TRV's are common in Europe and we used to have to do it here when installing under the now defunct EAGA heating scheme as it is a more energy efficient configuration. Plus you have the added bonus of not having to bend down to alter your valve temperature. They are also being recomended again here when using the smart TRV's which you can now control using an app
  7. Jacopo

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    Can I install them on any radiator or only specific ones?

    By the way, in Italy we put flow and return on the same side of the radiator (with the TRV at the top, but pointing towards you instead of to the side like the one in the picture); then on the top on the other side we have the bleed valve and a blank at the bottom

    I think this could in theory be done in the UK as well, but it makes more sense on tall radiators (like towel radiators) and not much on wide ones
  8. Joe the Plumber

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    Just more rubbish to go wrong. Who was it said 'KISS' (Keep It Simple, Stupid')!

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