Trying to Identify Lightweight Coving

Discussion in 'Other Trades Talk' started by EZ Tutty, Jan 9, 2018.

  1. EZ Tutty

    EZ Tutty New Member


    I'm really hoping someone can help me with this....

    Just ripped out some 70's built in wardrobes from my bedroom, the rest of the room was boarded and skimmed approx 2 years ago (before I moved in), however this was only done up to the built in wardrobes.

    I've plasterboarded the area's previously covered by the wardrobes ready for skimming.

    The room also has coving of the lightweight polystyrene/polymer variety, and from a quick glance would appear to be standard 127mm Smooth Curved coving, I was hoping to just continue the coving.

    However I've tried Pro-Cove, Super Cove, and wickes own brand lightweight coving, as well as comparing it to a couple of brands of Plaster Coving, and the stuff that we currently have up seems to be slightly bigger than all the 127mm Coving I've compared it to.

    I can't seem to find basic smooth curved 'C' profile coving in anything bigger than 127mm, as an estimate I'd guess what I have would appear to be more like 134mm(ish).

    Does anyone know what it is I've got? to save me ripping down the rest of the coving and starting again.

  2. KIAB

    KIAB Well-Known Member

    Use a square to measure offthe coving, we then will know projection & drop & a more accurate face measurement.
    How far does extends down the wall from the ceiling, and projection, which is how far it extends across the ceiling from the wall.

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  3. Wayners

    Wayners Well-Known Member

    When measuring the face as pic above then keep tape tight to surface around the cure. I'm only aware of 120mm or 127mm(5inch) If you can't get the same keep bottoms level and join in corners of the room as it wont show if different size. Not ideal but done this myself a few times over the years on make good jobs
  4. KIAB

    KIAB Well-Known Member

    Gyproc did a 135mm plaster coving of same C profile, haven't seen it for some years now.
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  5. Wayners

    Wayners Well-Known Member

    No. It's called Gyproc Cornice and it's s shape. That's the 135mm and you can still get it from B&Q + Johnstones painters..
  6. KIAB

    KIAB Well-Known Member

    Different product.:)

    I can remember putting the stuff up years ago, probably 20 years ago & was not S shape.

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  7. EZ Tutty

    EZ Tutty New Member

    Thanks for the reply's guys.

    After playing around with a piece I cut off it would seem the projection and drop are 90mm. Which doesn't match up to anything I can find.

    Looks like I'll be ripping it down, I have however found some 100x100 coving online that will cover any mess left by the old coving and hopefully make my life a little easier.
  8. Wayners

    Wayners Well-Known Member

    The 135mm above is s shape.. It's not c shape hence the 84mm down and 92mm out.. See here
  9. KIAB

    KIAB Well-Known Member

    There WAS a 135mm C coving shape years I said in earlier post, put enough of it up on a job.
  10. Wayners

    Wayners Well-Known Member

    Ah OK... I've never seen it but there were some odd stuff about coming from Canada I think? Was a tiny one that was good branded... Redland...... Used loads of that in the 90s.. I also fitted long 120mm cove which was around 6m long... Snapped a few of them! No idea if it's about now

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