Tumble dryer wall ventilation done entirely from inside

Discussion in 'Engineers' Talk' started by EllenLeo, May 18, 2008.

  1. EllenLeo

    EllenLeo New Member

    You gentlemen and ladies are clever people. Can any of you help this pensioner? My dryer now needs to be wall vented and I live on the third floor. I cannot afford to have scaffolding erected to gain access to the outside of the building. The council have just refurbished my kitchen (thank you very much, Southwark Council) after 24 years. I asked to have my dryer built in to gain space and the carpenters left a space beneath the worktop for the dryer to go in. I have found kits for through-the-wall venting and have ordered one online on Friday, 16th May, from Hotpoint (Indesit) who made the dryer, to the tune of 40 pounds. I know it is not fashionable to discuss finances but I live on 124.05 per week, so to me this is a lot of money. The space where the dryer is to go is right now looks like cement over the bricks, so I have no idea where I am to start going through it to vent. Always bearing in mind that some of the debris is going to fall outwards despite best intentions. I am in a mess and I need someone to tell me what to do before my vent kit gets here later this week, please. Thank you sincerely, EllenLeo.
  2. nigel

    nigel Guest

    Could have saved yourself money by buying one of these instead and vent into kitchen.
  3. nigel

    nigel Guest

  4. EllenLeo

    EllenLeo New Member

    Dear Nigel,

    Thank you very much for responding to my query. The solution you propose is unfortunately not suitable in this instance as there is physically no room behind and/or beside the dryer that will accomodate the venting unit.

    Meanwhile the venting kit arrived yesterday. From the look of it it will require some heavy-duty kind of drill and a special round bit with cement/brick cutting capabilities, there must surely be such a thing on the market.

    I thought that perhaps I could get a bit of fine-mesh chicken wire and fashion a vent cover to the inside of the black PVC vent pipe prior to inserting it through the wall. This would hopefully solve the problem of entry by vermin (mice, rats, squirrels etc) and the nesting of birds. I am grappling with the problem of just how to secure this home-made grate/grill to the inside of the vent tube, any suggestions on that and also the type of bit I will need to get, ie, what it is called, the size, and the requirements of the drill to drive it? And the cost?

    This seemingly simple step (venting the dryer through the wall) has turned into a nightmare of cost and logistics for me. However, the problem is there and will not be ignored; that leaves only solving it. Perhaps with your further help and advice I can do just that. Thank you again for your comments.

    Yours sincerely,

  5. evo nut

    evo nut New Member


    Where abouts are you located?

    You would need a core drill ( expensive )

    And a core cutter ( expensive )

    You could hire one ( not as expensive ) but I don't think that would be appropiate for you as they are heavy, big and awkward.

    if you post your location maybe someone will be local to you.

    evo nut
  6. EllenLeo

    EllenLeo New Member

    Dear Evo.Nut,

    Thank you for your prompt and informative reply. It made interesting reading and made me aware that the more you know, the more you know you don't know.

    It also made depressing reading as far as the situation with the dryer venting goes. The problem is still without resolution. Never mind, the hunt for one goes on.

    You are quite right to say that renting this equipment would be inappropriate in this case. I do struggle somewhat with my Black and Decker 500W hand drill. On hearing what you have to say about this super-heavy-duty monster of a drill, I know that I could not operate it.

    I do not have anymore to say here at this time. I will ask if you think my idea of making a grate/grille for the ducting pipe would work; if so, would you have any ideas as to how I could secure it to the inside of said pipe?

    As to where I am located, it is five minutes walk south and east of Tower Bridge in Tooley Street, SE1.

    Thank you again for your kind reply and useful information.

    Yours very sincerely,

  7. evo nut

    evo nut New Member


    If you can reply with the website of where you purchased the vent kit and its model number if it has one I will have a look at in on the internet.

    I did go on the hotpoint website and have a look but could not find one for £40

    so if you can direct me I will have a look at the picture and information.

    se1 thats quite a distance from me, cr0

    i am sure you can employ someone to come down to your flat with a core drill and cutter and cut this hole for you but obviously this is going to cost? it depends on if you are willing to pay anymore money??

    is there no way of contacting the council and getting them to do it for you?( i assume you rent?? )

    or are the carpenters still working in your block of flats ask them to pop in after work and do it for you and pay them cash?

    evo nut
  8. Mr. Handyandy

    Mr. Handyandy Screwfix Select

    In your situation(which is a difficult one) I could suggest ONE way.

    You have your round vent pipe, you will need to convert it to rectangle(approx 100mm x 50mm). The rectangle pipe is freely available anywhere, and also a round/square adaptor.

    The idea is that inside you have a round pipe but eventually the rectangle pipe goes through the wall(inside wall AND outside).

    Make a large hole in the inner wall by drilling out and removing a couple of bricks[series of little holes and bit of a sawing action](you will need a larger hole to get your drill in the right place to drill out HALF a brick on the outside wall). Half a brick and one row of mortar removed on the outside wall will allow the rect. pipe through.

    The hardest part now is getting to the outside to push through the pipe, WITH a vent cover attached to the outer end already by a little screw(maybe you can attach a piece of string to it(the inner end), dangle it and pull it up and in from the inside ??) Pull it in tight to the outer wall, attach your square/round adaptor(with small screws) and secure your square/round adaptor in the inner wall by either replacing bricks or filling with mortar(you could place a stick or two across the wall to hold the square/round adaptor in place while it all goes off).

    When it's all set, attach any round pipe you have to it.

    Bit long-winded, but no reason why it can't be done(and no special tools.

    Mr. Handyandy - really
  9. HOTDOG ø

    HOTDOG ø Active Member

    ..just lumps of brick falling with style onto your neighbours heads and shiny cars ;)
  10. EllenLeo

    EllenLeo New Member

    Dear Evo.Nut,

    Thank you for your interest and continued comments.

    The lady at Indesit/Hotpoint who took my order for the venting kit told me the computer showed this kit for my model dryer. The kit cost was GBP 29.78, the shipping 4.26, the VAT 5.96, the total 40.00. The website is www.Indesitcompany.com, my dryer model number VTD00G.

    The carpenters told me they could not drill the hole as it was a health and safety issue.

    The council has said it is my responsibility to vent the dryer. Yes, I do rent.

    Could I ask you to give me a ballpark figure based on your expertise/experience what it would cost to hire someone to drill the hole through the wall? Always assuming that the health and safety issue can be surmounted.

    It may be that I am ruled out of the running by the cost; which will then reduce me to stealthily and steadily scraping at the wall like a prisoner attempting to affect an exit.

    All this just to get the clothes dry.

    Thank you again for your help and suggestions. You sound a patient, persistent and genuine type.

    Yours most sincerely,

  11. evo nut

    evo nut New Member


    The mystery continues....

    Does the vent kit you have bought have a model number?

    If you have opened the box / kit can you tell me the diameter of the pipe that is to go through the wall? is it a continuous size or does it taper at all?

    If you can supply me with these details then I can tell you a ballpark figure.

    It may be something I can do or recommend someone to you
    but it all depends on the ammount of information I can get from you.

    As for health and safety I can't see it being a problem if you were to drill the hole from the inside out as long as no one is standing directly below where you are working it should be okayish.

    I take it you don't have a balcony or anything below or near to where the hole is to be drilled?

    Do you have a separate email address? as if you do can you write your email address on here then i will email you with my phone number as it might be easier!!

    I look forward to your reply.

    evo nut
  12. EllenLeo

    EllenLeo New Member

    Dear Evo.Nut,

    Again thank you for your interest and help.

    The vent kit does not have a discernible model number. I am assuming that if it did it would be printed on the invoice, direction sheet or both. There is none.

    The diameter is 11cm and the length is 35.75cm. It looks like black PVC and is a continuous size.

    We are of one mind where the health and safety issue is concerned. There is no balcony or other impediment as far as I am aware. I confess to not having spent any time in my 24 years resident here standing outside the building scanning or otherwise studying the exterior wall. I do know that a few feet away along the same wall my Potterton boiler has an outside venting through the wall.

    My email address would certainly be handier and is as follows: ctchand@btinternet.com.

    Looking forward to hearing again from you and thank you for your willingness to help solve this problem.

    Yours sincerely,

  13. malkie129

    malkie129 Screwfix Select

    I maybe wrong & if so, I sincerely apologise, but I have the feeling that this posting is a complete wind-up. Nothing that I can specify, but.... I may be wrong & as I have said, I apologise if I am too cynical,but I've been caught before.
  14. evo nut

    evo nut New Member


    nah mate i don't recon it is I have emailed her but no wind up's on the engineers forum nothing ever happens on here!

    evo nut
  15. ecm

    ecm New Member

    Sorry Evo, but I'm with malkie on this. The whole 'tone' of the thread don't sit right. The most important and simple detail (vent kit part No) can't be provided, yet spurious and irrelevant details (level of pension income etc, wattage of drill, xx.xxmm dia of pipe???) are listed. I hope you don't waste any time on it to find it is a wind up.
  16. EllenLeo

    EllenLeo New Member

    Dear ecm and malkie29,

    Gentlemen, ask yourself this question: What would you do?

    Here you are, a council tenant, pensioner, poor as the proverbial church mouse, lacking in any building expertise whatever. The council, under the EU directive of bringing all their social housing up to an agreed standard by 2011? (not sure of date, one of the carpenters mentioned it only once in passing) has come into my kitchen and removed the cabinets, etc, that came over on the Ark, and replaced them with trade-contract standard base units, cabinets and countertops; they have also replaced my bare floorboards with a floor and painted ceiling and walls barring the skirting and doorframes. A long, long way from a Smallbone, granted, but such an improvement to me, and I am truly grateful. (Also a couple of additional electrical points.)

    However. I have a 60cm gaping hole beneath the countertop where my dryer will slot in, once it is vented through the wall. The venting kit is relatively straight-forward, I suppose, until you realise it requires access to an outside wall to completely install it AND you happen to live on the third floor. I am dying to put the dryer where it belongs and put paid to this life-improving but horribly disruptive episode and get on with things.

    Now, what WOULD you do if this were the situation confronting you? Easy enough if you have deep pockets and just lift the phone, arrange some scaffolding to be erected, get ahold of a builder and arrange a whacking big hole to be drilled through the wall to install the venting kit. That is what anyone would do. But I cannot do it like that, the costs are prohibitive.

    Yet the problem still wants solving. So what to do? Just try (somehow) to contact experts and maybe pick their brains for ideas that you might be able to afford to get the dryer vented.

    Not a lot to ask, is it?

    Yours most genuinely and sincerely,

  17. Herr Trigger

    Herr Trigger New Member

  18. devil's advocate

    devil's advocate New Member

    Hi Ltd - the problem is, I didn't know any better :(

    I had no idea how they worked, but assumed that they'd do the task as they'd 'been around' for some time.

    I stand corrected... :(
  19. Herr Trigger

    Herr Trigger New Member

    OK mate,

    I fell for that one many years ago, waste of time and money.

  20. 22 2

    22 2 New Member

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