TV Cabling on Chimney breast

Discussion in 'Builders' Talk' started by StrikeX, Jan 10, 2020.

  1. StrikeX

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    I would like to put Brush Face Plate on the side of the Chimney breast but my concern it might be very difficult to put the cables through the pipe with 3 bends (example pic attached).

    I can't put the cable through the Chimney breast because there is a fireplace downstair.

    Any suggestion to make it simpler?

  2. rk_diy

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    So you are moving the tv socket from face of chimney to the side of chimney breast but are you going to to run a new cable or just extend from the existing socket location? you can chisel down to floor level first and hide the cable under the floor or behind the skirting board (if its just TV, no mains) then go up to the new socket location.
  3. DIYDave.

    DIYDave. Screwfix Select

    This is for tv/audio/games consul/tv box/ cables ..... yes ?

    And your fitting plastic trunking in the wall chases ... yes ?

    What I've done here is to fit a metal back box at each opening and using an angle grinder, cut out a section so trunking just fits inside back box

    Then place a drawstring inside the trunking, making it 2 1/2 to 3 times the length of the trunking
    Coil up excess drawstring equally inside each back box and it now lives here for ever

    Add cover to trunking and make good to wall, paint and fit brushplates

    Pulling through cables is now easy. Uncoil one end of drawstring, tape cable to it and gently pull through
    Leaving drawstring 3 times the length means there's still excess poking out brushplate, even once new cable has been pulled all way through to other end

    I've got a reel of cable 'singles' that I use for this but any strong string or flexible wire will do
  4. StrikeX

    StrikeX Member

    It is for HDMI cables and maybe TV power cable as well going from side of chimney breast to face of chimney
  5. StrikeX

    StrikeX Member

    That is awesome, thank you.

    Yes it is for cables. I think there will be 2 HDMI cables and maybe TV power cable as well.

    Will plastic trunking work with 3 cables? There are 3 bends in different directions (90 degree) as you can see on the diagram, look like it is really tight.

    What about dia pipes instead of plastic trunking?
  6. DIYDave.

    DIYDave. Screwfix Select

    HDMI cables are slim and nice and flexible with a small plug that wont present a problem. TV power, use a long length of flex, depending on whats on the tv end, can buy most plugs and make up lead yourself to exact length or as ever, huge range of everything online ready to buy. Not sure on potential interference issue with running power and audio cables touching each other. some say yes.....others say nahhhh

    Or if you can pick up power from nearby, chop in a single socket behind tv but, more complicated as cable needs to be run in safe zones for its entire length

    Future proof the install as who knows, you may add 'stuff' in the future and require more leads. So saying, Scart has died a death so any more cables wont be as large as scart plugs
    Trunking comes in a wide range of sizes, limited (popular) sizes stocked by SF but try an electrical wholesalers who will carry a wider range. Also internal and external corners available

    Can use pipe instead, 32mm solvent weld pipe, available with 90 degree bends will do

    Just bear in mind wall construction and thickness. Guidelines on cutting wall chases state maximum vertical depth 1/3 of wall thickness, max horizontal depth 1/6

    If you've got the depth, 50x50 trunking is a good size (TS sell it in single lengths) and will give you future capacity to add more cables

    Main thing is installing that drawstring I mentioned at 3 times the length of overall chase and leaving it permanently in place for future use. Pulling through 2xhdmi and a power flex will be a breeze with sufficient size pipe/trunking

    Good luck

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