Twin & Earth cable (Is this the cheapest?)

Discussion in 'Electricians' Talk' started by Brunokid, Nov 13, 2010.

  1. Brunokid

    Brunokid New Member

    I've found a guy in Coventry. He's charging me

    £25 for 100M 1.5mm2
    £35 for 100M 2.5mm2
    £35 for 50M 6.0mm2

    It's all BASIC approved mostly Pirelli, Copper cable company etc

    All cash prices (no VAT on top)

    I think this must be the chrapest prices in the country!
  2. gazsparky

    gazsparky New Member

    jeez, i'd be stocking up with lots of 6mm at that price! will he deliver down south?!!
  3. MFHEng

    MFHEng New Member

    Have you got a contact No/adress for him
  4. Brunokid

    Brunokid New Member

    Not sure about delivery


    Hope this helps

    PS Don't buy it all cos I need some

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  5. steve CF

    steve CF New Member

    bet hes going to be happy now
  6. J.P.

    J.P. New Member

    I wouldn't touch it with a bargepole.
  7. state-it

    state-it New Member

    There is plenty of good quality bankrupt stock floating about at the moment JP, so it may well be OK.
  8. state-it

    state-it New Member

    On the other hand...

    There is always of course plenty of good quality nicked stuff about.

    I'd be wary of a mobile only phone contact.
  9. daff

    daff New Member

    I can hear the sirens from here.
  10. wally2

    wally2 New Member

  11. Brunokid

    Brunokid New Member

    No this is all Kosher stuff. It's bankrupt stock.

    I've had Pirelli, AEI, Copper Cable Company and ASD off him.

    He has given me permission to only put his mobile number on here. There is no problem with his land line and picking it up from his premises at all, once you have made contact with him.

    It probably wouldn't save you much dosh JP as you only use about 100M every couple of months ;)
  12. Yours truly

    Yours truly New Member

    Why would he give you permission to give out his mobile number, and not do it himself. Are you 'him' and creating sales for yourself?
  13. J.P.

    J.P. New Member

    Hows business LD?
  14. J.P.

    J.P. New Member

    Must say the forum is romping along at a fair old rate of knots this afternoon..virtually instantaneous postings and viewing.
  15. Removed 4

    Removed 4 New Member

    Are you 'him'.......

    "Are you he", actually.

    Lucia x
  16. dale76uk

    dale76uk Member

    thanks bruno, that cable your contact has it brill, i've picked up 20 rolls today.
  17. sparky308

    sparky308 Member

    Sorry if I'm hijacking the thread, but just bought 100m of 2.5 from a different supplier from my usual, and it's utter rubbish! Really stiff, and the outer sheath is partly fused onto the inner insulation so it's nearly impossible to strip. Had to use a few meters of it in desperation, so I resorted to the hot air gun to make it strippable! It's got a label stuck on the reel saying it's BASEC approved but really anyone could fake that. No name on it though. Anyway it's going straight back.
  18. unphased

    unphased Screwfix Select

    It's all BASIC approved mostly Pirelli, Copper cable company etc


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