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    My daughter may need her boiler replaced and the heating engineer has said that as none of the radiators have thermostatic valves these will have to be replaced at the same time. However the existing valves have both the inlet and outlet pipes going into one side of the radiator and searching the internet they seem to be Yorkshire Maxitwin type valves. How do these type of valves work, as to me the water would enter and exit the valve rather than flow through the radiator or are the radiators a special type. Can the existing radiators be kept and extend one of the two pipes to reach the other end of the radiator and fit a lockshield valve.
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    Yes should be able to change the twin valves for single valves either end, it will obviously involve extending one of the pipes to the other end of the radiator
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    The valves have a tube extending from the inlet to about halfway/two thirds of the rad, to encourage proper circulation. Often these drop off, resulting in precisely the short circuit situation you describe.

    The valves have been discontinued bit are still available at extortionate rates.
    Did the plumber not explain that he can extend the pipe work and convert to 2 valves?
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    Yes he did but not knowing how the valves worked I wasn't sure whether the radiators were a special type to match the valves. Thank you for the explanation.
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