two wall lights from one switch

Discussion in 'Electricians' Talk' started by woodburner, Mar 16, 2009.

  1. woodburner

    woodburner New Member


    This is for a new room and an electrician will do the job. I just want to know how it is done.

    How are two wall lights wired so they can be operated from one switch. Are junction boxes required?

    Thanks in advance for any help,

  2. scudo sparky

    scudo sparky New Member

    Don't worry, if your spark is doing it it will be fine.
  3. HoorayHenry

    HoorayHenry New Member

    This is for a new room and an electrician will do the job. I just want to know how it is done.

    Yeah right, of course you do!

    Us sparkies aren't as daft as plumbers look you know :)
  4. devil's advocate

    devil's advocate New Member

    2 replies saying effectively the same thing.

    But one does it sooo much more yummily.
  5. Eye Squared R

    Eye Squared R Active Member

    The how is relatively easy, if you know what you're doing?

    The Live (Phase/Line)(Brown or Red wire) takes the 'mains to one side of the switch and when it closes it passes that 'Switched Live' to the light and the lamp lights. If you want the switch to light more than one light then you have to 'distribute' that 'Switched Live' to all the lights you wish to control by that switch.

    You would normally have a cable into the switch supplying the power and then a cable from the switch to the first Light and then a cable from the 1st Light to the 2nd light.

    If in doubt get an electrician or a knowledgeable DIY friend to do it for you.
  6. itwentbang

    itwentbang New Member

    eye squared R

    you forgot to mention the bit about checking for satifactory Zs to ensure disconnection times, checking for minimum IR values in accordance with BS7671:2008
    probably a few other bits aswell. Just to make it easier ;)
  7. yellowfunbus

    yellowfunbus New Member

    ...don't forget it will probably need an rcd/rcbo to conform.


    That is all.
  8. Eye Squared R

    Eye Squared R Active Member

    Thanks Guys,

    For the education - I hadn't forgetting about those extras. We might call the need for an RCD 'Additional Protection' - I am only guessing ;)
  9. woodburner

    woodburner New Member

    Thanks Eye,

    No, I don't touch electrics. I am severely colour blind for a start.

    I just need to plan the path of the cables as it is all being run in conduit.

  10. sysparks

    sysparks New Member

    Just run them up there and down there
  11. Digisatuk

    Digisatuk New Member

    easiest way if ya doin it ya self n no ones gona see it is take the cable thats already feeding the original light at the light fitting end terminal block it n jus run two cables off it one to the first light one to the second bobs ya uncle !!! ( warning im a digital an satellite engineer not an electrician !!! )

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