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Discussion in 'Tilers' Talk' started by Sl8r, Feb 22, 2010.

  1. Sl8r

    Sl8r New Member

    I've got a bathroom suite to fit and then tile the floor and walls.
    I'm just wondering which order to do it?
    Tile walls first then floor?
  2. I would fit the bath first, then start the walls but not from the floor, you want to put a baten on the wall at the second tile level from the floor. Tile all the walls from this.

    Tile floor next.

    Fill in the missing bottom tiles, this allows for any un level cuts around the bottom as your floor will never be 100% level.

    Grout everything.

    Fit basin and toilet, silicone corners and around sanitaryware.
  3. GKU

    GKU New Member

    Do a search on the subject on this forum , there is a lot of info on it on here .

    "mbs" is basically correct in his well put reply though :)
  4. its nice if a full tile sits above the bath but its all in the planning so you dont end up with a small strip round the bottom of the room. Planning is a lot to do with tiling. Take your time.
  5. Sl8r

    Sl8r New Member

    Thanks "mbs" & "gku"
    You say fit bath first? I take it you mean line up the bath & get it level, then mark it against the wall and then take it out and use a battern against that mark & making sure thats level?
    How much of a tile do you suggest to start below the bath line?
  6. No, actually fit the bath. You should have some fitting brackets that fit to the bath then protrude above bath level to drill to the wall. Also silicone the bath to the wall, this is not your main seal just secondary and helps keep the bath solid. you can fit a batern for the bath to permanently sit on if you wish but is not essential.

    Use the bath as your batern if your using a full tile from this level, just continue with a piece of timber around the walls.

    Now in an ideal situation and your bath sits at about 550mm from the floor, you could use a 300mm high tile or an equivalent height so as you work down to floor level you end up with near enough a full tile from the floor. This is the tile that matters.

    You can adjust the height of the bath to suit within reason but remember if you go too high your bath panel may not be big enough but that can be rectified with a piece of skirting or trim.

    Its long winded but dead simple really
  7. forgot to mention, when you get your level round the room from the bath, measure down from this by how ever many full tiles there are(including spacers. This way once the baterns are removed and the floor is tiled you will only have one tile to fit all the way round.
  8. Sl8r

    Sl8r New Member

    I was just thinking that taking the bath out would save me having to stretch over or standing in the bath to fit the upper rows of tiles.
  9. never had a problem mate, put a dust sheet in there and get in it.
  10. tic tic

    tic tic New Member

    fit the bath,fill it half full with water and seal it with silicone, leaving it for a few hours then pull the plug and start tiling.
  11. Sl8r

    Sl8r New Member

    do i silicon it again when i've finished tiling?
  12. tic tic

    tic tic New Member

    when tiling around top of bath,leave a gap of 2mm or 3mm then run a bead of silicone round it.
  13. yes mate, as mentioned fill the bath first, silicone then leave full for a few hours

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