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Are they ......

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    It is interesting (if that is the correct word) that suddenly the debate has switched from immigration, ie those foreigners coming IN to the country, to migration ie those moving AROUND in a third party sense. Nobody, as far as I am aware, has aever been concerned about movement around or within Europe. We in the UK are concerned about IMMIGRATION and the politicians and news media have quickly dampened down the concern to suit political correctness and make it appear to be looking at the picture as a whole. As far as I am concerned we are not. We are looking at immigration. Migration is a totally different issue and isn't high on the agenda. Or is it that people are genuinely so bloody thick as to not understand the difference.
  2. So we can keep or export as many peeps as we like, but not allow any in?

    Cool - sorted.

    Anyways, back to them good christians, PJ. Like Lot. Him of t'bible. Well respected, like, especially by our own gawd. Who saved him from the destruction of Gomorrah 'cos he wasn't like the rest of them 'omos.

    And sent one of his dishiest angels to tell him so. A handsome hunk by all accounts. Well, the bible's account anyways.

    So hunky was this angel, that when he turned up at Lot's house, a slavering crowd of homosekshulls gathered outside Lot's house asking him to send out t'angel for a good 'seeing to'.

    But, Lot was a good christian cove so wouldn't do that. So sent out his daughter instead.

    As you say, not a lot of difference betwixt the major religions.

    Or their followers - all have personality disorders to one extent or another.
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