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  1. Dr Decorator

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    I have an immaculate 1999 Suzuki Carry Van since brand new

    is there a conversion kit I can get to make it compliant with the ULEZ.
  2. MGW

    MGW Screwfix Select

    I would not expect so, and even if you could likely to cost more than it is worth, my son has a Jag XE and my wife has a Jag XE his is around £140 per year road tax and hers £30 per year road tax due to emissions, they have exactly the same engine, but his is mapped to give around 190 ps what ever that is, and hers 163 ps mainly because his also has 4 wheel drive, but it is very easy to re-map his to same as hers, only need to put it on a computer, no physical change required, and of course the same is also true hers could be set same as his, but the tax stays the same.

    I think it would need to be type tested to change which would likely cost more than the car. So you may be able to make it more ecologically friendly, but rating would not change.

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