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Discussion in 'Screwfix' started by alan123shooting, Apr 24, 2019.

  1. alan123shooting

    alan123shooting New Member

    I have had a problem with the website I try and order via click and collect but I am unable the complete the sale, I have been trying for over a week. I contacted Screwfix ,they told me there was no problem. I visited the local store I mentioned this , it appears i’ not the only one. The staff had contacted head office and were told the same. There was a couple customers there who had the same problem, anyone else? It really frustrating.
  2. BinleyDodoger

    BinleyDodoger New Member

    Have you tried a different browser - Chrome, Safari etc?
  3. alan123shooting

    alan123shooting New Member

    I use safari, I even used my wife’s amazon fire nowt,
  4. alan123shooting

    alan123shooting New Member

    Just tried Chrome nowt
  5. BinleyDodoger

    BinleyDodoger New Member

    Have you tried different payment methods? Does it always fail at the same point?
  6. alan123shooting

    alan123shooting New Member

    It will not go to the actual payment all I get is edit basket
  7. BinleyDodoger

    BinleyDodoger New Member

    It's difficult to pin this down without seeing a pattern in how and where it's failing for more than one individual - with more feedback from other users it would be clearer. It still could be dependant on what you are using i.e. phone/desktop/ipad/browser, whether your sitting behind a corporate firewall and even who your internet provider is. If you could try from more than one device or from different locations e.g. home or office it might work? :-(
  8. BinleyDodoger

    BinleyDodoger New Member

    You could try clearing cookies from browser?
  9. alan123shooting

    alan123shooting New Member

    No, I have tried it from different locations I feel it’s some thing to do with iso operating i use an iPad and iPhone and I have tried at my brother in law house no joy it is so infuriating.
  10. Not-a-Decor8r

    Not-a-Decor8r Member

    Wasn't working today...order went through then turned up and the spiv on the desk took 10 mins to work out what to do!

    No text though, but it was all in stock.
  11. BikerChris

    BikerChris Active Member

    I had the same problem too, had to go to store and buy stuff. That was about a week ago though and the people in the shop said their system was not working. Think they were having bit problems as they had to transfer cost of transaction to card reader manually when they normally press a button and it does it on its own.
  12. Karan1010

    Karan1010 New Member

    I have just type Xyz or something like that that and made the payment U can try doing same thanks
  13. malcyramone

    malcyramone New Member

    I've been trying to checkout for well over a week now. There's a known problem with paypal, my saved card had expired and I couldn't add a new one. Tried a different browser, a different computer and a different card. Nothing! Finally sussed it, I added a new (identical) delivery address instead of selecting the saved one and everything worked.

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