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    My kitchen was fitted about 10 years ago with a linked set of undercupboard lights. Since they were all metal-bodied, all wiring was 3-core including earth. One unit in the middle of the run has now failed - I have eliminated the fluorescent tube, the starter and the switch as the problems. I am now looking to replace the unit - the markings on it are Brackenheath Ltd, Model EMK0243 240V 6W 0.16A 50Hz. I have searched on Brackenheath's own website for that model but to no avail, all modern one seem to be two-core wiring. The unit uses F6W/T5/29-530 16/212mm fluorescent tubes and I would prefer a unit which also uses this same tube for consistency of light colour. Can anyone help point me in the direction of a suitable unit?
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    Still around.

    Unlikely you will get exact model after all these years.
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    It's looking like I will have to change them all (there are five of them in three different sizes). I was just hoping to be able to sort out the one faulty one. And I had just bought a number of replacement tubes. C'est la vie!

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