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Discussion in 'Electricians' Talk' started by roger mellie, May 30, 2006.

  1. roger mellie

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    greetings all have just installed underfloor mat heating/warming system the tiler i employed has somehow knackerd the element can anyone suggested a piece of equipment to buy or hire to find the break or site of damage to mat ? trying to minimise tile liftingand relayng
    i have had a quote but the individual wants £300 plus to locate and repair fault has anyone resolved this problem before or can you guys suggest a solution im hoping to locate and repair myself with repair kit cheers
  2. Ripped Off

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    Cant normally repair these types of faults. The end of the mat are usually sealed by the manufacturer to keep out damp etc. This is a heating element and I dont know of any kit that would join the ends.
    Fluke has a test kit but thats over £300.
    Looks like a total replacement M8
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  4. carltonowner

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    the heating element should have had regular resistance checks as the tiles where being laid,to check it had not been damaged,when removing the tiles you will damage the element in loads of places if the adhesive has set.
    worth double checking that it is a break in the element and not just loose junction box connection.or have you tried this?. have you done a resistance check on the aliment tails?
  5. BruceB

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    I had a similar problem with a conservatory which had an electric heating element laid, then 2 inches of screed. The element was damaged during screeding so no current flowed. Luckily it was clearly their fault so an electrician was brought in who could trace exactly where the break was. All they had to dig up was a 6 inch square of screed, rejoin the element and re-fill the whole. So the good news it should be possible. But you will need a suitable tone generator and detector to find the break and then whatever is necessary to fix the heating element. Maplin do a cable tracer/tone generator, code N74CC. But I cannot guarantee it would be suitable.
  6. roger mellie

    roger mellie New Member

    thanks guyssome good advicethe maplin tone generatorwill it penertrate tile adhesive and maybe some compound to locate break? anyone had experience of this ? the hire site looks good but many types of cable locators there as im not experienced in this area any clues to what i should maybe hire from list? and yes testing resistance helps whilst tiles are laying but alass i wasnt present on tile laying the unreliable drunken irish blanery stone kissing tiler who layed said tiles will never darken my door again !!i have seen a device that you connect to ends and if any damage occours it sets of audible alarm but hindsite is a exact science as they say1 lol please keep the suggestions coming if anyone else can help cheers guys

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