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    quick couple of UHF questions/potential problems.

    I have a two zone system on three heating loops. each zone is controlled by a thermostat. these are calling for heat and opening and closing the actuators as they shpuld.

    problem 1.

    I can't get the flow rate in the loops up above 2. the loops are quite long and according to the plans should have a flow rate of about 2.2
    I can't get the flow rates up above about 1.9. flow meters have been adjusted and pump is on speed three.

    Do I need/can you get a bigger pump?

    problem 2.

    the system is in anhydrite screed at an average depth of 60mm. its on 100mm of insulation. when all three loops are open the water temperature at the manifold mixing valve won't get above 36 degrees, even when set to 60 degrees. If I turn one zone (which is the two long loops off) i can get the temperature up over 50.

    why is this and how can I fix it?

    the result of both is that sections of the floor are not as warm as they should be.

    any ideas???

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