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Discussion in 'Electricians' Talk' started by cheap skate, Feb 9, 2004.

  1. cheap skate

    cheap skate New Member

    I have a question with regard to connecting my underfloor heating in my conservatory.

    I was intending to run a fused spur off the socket ring to feed the heat mat via the thermostat but have read that it should be connected to an MCB or RCD. Does this have to be a dedicated MCB or will the MCB for the ring be sufficient?
  2. andyboy

    andyboy New Member

    I would use a RCD fused spur connection unit on the ring, run this to the thermostat then to the heating mat. Depending on the power rating it might be best to put it on its own circuit and not on the ring.
  3. Thevitalspark

    Thevitalspark New Member

    Does your existing ring circuit/consumer unit have an RCD fitted?
  4. cheap skate

    cheap skate New Member

    The fused spur RCD, along the lines of D14770 page 173 in the screwfix cat? I need to check the power rating, it is the 7sqm mat from screwfix.
  5. cheap skate

    cheap skate New Member

    I'm pretty sure it has, the house was only built in 2000.

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