Underground Drainage Connections

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  1. Martin T

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    Hi All,

    So being stuck at home I have decided to try and tackle a few jobs. Assumed this was building and not plumbing forum I needed

    One of them is some outside drainage. I need to remove what I believe is a bottle gulley about 2 metres down. This just means taking it off, cutting the pipe and reattaching it.

    So I have dug the pipe partly today and believed all the fittings were push fit. However looking at the 90 degree bend they seem to have lips on the pipes that touch. This takes the waste from our kitchen so dont want to go cutting anything before I am sure and have all the right parts.

    So what am I seeing?
    Do I just need to remove the bottle gulley, cut and then push fit into the new end?
    Does what I am seeing just pull apart or is any of it solvent weld
    Also will this be 110mm

    I have attached a couple of pictures


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  2. Abrickie

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    It would be helpful if we knew what you were trying to achieve :)
  3. Martin T

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    Thought I said that, I just need to take apart shorten the run of pipe and reattach
  4. Abrickie

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    No solvent weld there,it will pull apart but may need a little twist just to get it started, after you’ve cut to length chamfer the pipe that and washing up liquid will help reassembling
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  5. Martin T

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    Thank you. Shame im not allowed out to get parts!

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