underplinth heather connected to hive or timer?

Discussion in 'Electricians' Talk' started by novicenick, Feb 14, 2021.


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  1. novicenick

    novicenick New Member

    Can I connect an underplinth heater to a hive thermostat system?
    Hive have plugs which can be controlled, but I have seen others say it is best not to have under plinth heaters plugged in, best wired.

    Maybe is best option to wire in custom control unit? not even sure where you get one of these from.

    kitchen will have potentially three underplinth heaters scattered. I would like an option that is better than having to keep bending down and turning them all on and off seperately.

    I have seen some plinth heaters which say connect to alexa, but not sure how good these are.

  2. Lectrician

    Lectrician Screwfix Select

    3 x 2.4kW heaters will draw approx 30amps. That’s too much to be plugged into the local socket circuit, and would need circuit(s) just for them. These circuit(s) could be fed via a multi pole contactor (functionally switching the lives), and the contactor fed from the thermostat of your choice.

    You would need to find old stock NON LOT20 heaters, as these will have in built timers and thermostats which don’t work well, or at all, with external controls.
  3. Teki

    Teki Screwfix Select

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