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    Hi all,

    When we moved in we discovered under the sink was Santon Heater WH19281. It is dead (burn damage).

    Anyway, I have finally gotaround to thinking about replacing it.

    Could anyone make any recommendations on what sort of thing I would need. I am sort of hoping a new one would slot right in and no need to move pipework... But I will if I have to.

    It is only in the garage, so it doesn't need to supply litres and litres of hot water instantly - long as it gets warm enough to do some washing up.

    We do not use it much, so we don not need one with a storage tank, just to heat it on the fly.

    Seen some real cheap ones on Ebay.... but not to sure...

    Just want make sure I get the right one for the wiring that is already there to the consumer (B50)

    Here are some pics https://drive.google.com/open?id=1MJUJVZA7uLqYJKvikx27sV_dBKpo3MIj

    Thanks agai,
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    Agreed - they're very effective - I installed one under the kitchen sink in my daughter's flat as an alternative supply of HW instead of using the expensive to run immersion heater (she has an electric shower in the bathroom that's used for 95% of her ablutions with just the occasional bath requiring the immersion).

  4. alexjb1989

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    Cheers, I will give it ago. All the gear is already there from the previous one. So should not be too bad.

    I looks as though this one comes with a pressure release system - will I need to install it on mine as you can see from the pics, there is already one installed in the pipe work?

    People in the reviews have mentioned having to buy extra parts? Can you think what they mean? I would like to buy everything in one visit

  5. Joe the Plumber

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    If you're installing a pressurised unvented hot water heater, you have to be an approved person.

    Have a hunt on Google and you'll find the appropriate regulations.

    If you fit one yourself without being qualified and it goes wrong, leading to damage or injury, your house insurer may take a dim view of it.

    Sorry to bring this up, but it's important to be aware of it.
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    That is only if you are installing a volume above 15 ltr, so theoretically if he changes it to one of 15Ltr, he could install himself *if competent.
  7. alexjb1989

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    Cheers both.

    The one I am thinking about has no storage. It heats on the fly so should be Ok.

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