Understairs cupboard construction?

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    I want to use the space under the staircase as a store cupboard (image_1) I've been quoted £600 to create the frame and doors which sounds toppy to me so I'll have a crack at it!! There is no finishing required in the space behind the doors as it should be clean enough for the hoover and dog food that'll be stored inside. My concern is the existing panel seems flimsy (plasterboard or hardboard?) and will need to support a frame to mount the doors (mdf?). Can anyone direct me to online instructions or suggest the best materials to use. I have attached photos of a neighbour's version which is exactly what I'm after but he got a chippy (no longer available) to do his. Any pointers appreciated. Cheers

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    2x2 or CLS for the framework, a regular softwood door lining kit, large flush hinges, and 22mm MDF would be the materials of choice. With a bit of architrave to match the rest of the house.

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    Thank you Jord. Here goes....!

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