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    I will accept your apology. Seems that was the post you were referring to. Now, you need to find a way to 'uncurse' your kids and dawg, because neither I nor HA ever said that!
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    How do you know HA didn't say it?

    Do you see him about?
  3. HarDeBloodyHarHar

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    I asked DA to provide proof. He showed the post to be from JJ.
  4. longboat

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  5. goldenboy

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    I was pulling your leg. And HandyAndys too.
  6. joinerjohn1

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    Here's something to mull over. Brexit.jpg
  7. goldenboy

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    That is the most pointless waste of a cut and paste ever.

    Presumably that's some garbage off Facebook Brexiteer groups or something.

    Its just echo chamber nonsense. Like chewing gum for the brain

    Even a cursory examination reveals it to be somewhat skewed.

    I cant begin to guess how the "creator" of this "study" voted.

    Tragedy is that some people are dim enough to view this as some form of statistical base for forming an opinion on.
  8. joinerjohn1

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    GB, under the EU rules,( Lisbon Treaty, as signed by the U.K. ( Labour Party in power at the time)) in 2022, all EU states ( note, the EU don't call them countries now) will have to adopt the euro as their monetary unit. From 2022, we ( should we remain) have to join the Schengen Area, no ifs no buts. From 2020 the right of veto is lost to all member states ( countries) The EU do become the supreme lawmakers, overruling British Law ( which will become subservient to EU Law) The EU have already stated that they want a European Armed Forces not each country having their own armed forces.
    And yet you remain lot, cannot see the power we are giving to the EU to control individual countries. We joined a trading club in the 70's. Ask yourself this, if you join your local club, do they tell you how to behave outside their premises? Do they tell you what you will spend your money on ? Do they tell you, that you'll be punished if you leave, and (apparently) make it so hard to leave, you'd want to stay ? ( would you want to? )
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    (Grongo 'likes' that)

    What a pitiful, childish and simply dishonest conclusion to try and draw from the more enlightened on here not wanting to waste their time on yet another 'vid' from the usual suspects. It's all been said, Longsie - both sides know where they stand, the discussions have been made. One side are still trying to pretend it ain't about xenophobia, and have exposed themselves repeatedly.

    You can ask your cult followers to post as many vids as they like - I might watch one if it suits me and if there is any point.

    But the whole point at the moment is for the u-s cult to try and pretend it ain't about xeno, jingo, small-minded nationalism.
  10. Allsorts

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    Thank you :)
  11. Isitreally

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    Go through the different lists in JJ cut&paste and point out the ones you think are totally not true.

    I bet you cant find many. ??
  12. Allsorts

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    What a pitiful, childish and simply dishonest conclusion to try and draw from my comment.

    I made a post suggesting that folk would do well to use impartial, credible and trusted sources for their info - all very easy to do - and you simply tried to poo-poo it. Spending what must have been a good 5+ minutes in the process, so it was clearly quite important to you to poo.

    There - that's all the proof you need, Longsie. And you're welcome.

    By the way, my 80-year old mum-in-law loves her new PC, thanks for asking, which I obtained without any assistance from you despite the number of posts you made on that thread - you class act, you.

    Oh, who will pay for this island interconnector? Not that I care a jot about your contributions as they are clearly designed only to be anti-Remain and personal. You class act, you.

    Keep your cult members in check?! You can't even manage that for yourself.
  13. Allsorts

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    Here's something to mull over - JJ coming on here trying to pretend it's about summat other than xenophobia. You class act, you.

    (I actually thought that 'other' post couldn't have been from you - I really didn't think you were that bad. I was wrong)
  14. Allsorts

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    They are all still there - as you well know.

    You fibbing class act, you.
  15. Allsorts

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    I bet you don't care.
  16. Isitreally

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    Care. ???

    In what way. ?
  17. Isitreally

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    Which side didn't understand what the result meant

    This is what the vote was based on before the referendum.

    So why are we at where we are now. ??
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  18. Allsorts

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    I bet you don't care about the content of that poster other than it deflecting from the true reason for your vote, and that you think it helps your cause; adds a bit of credibility.

    It doesn't.

    Whilst the content of that list might be technically possible, they are not 'credible'. Ie - it almost certainly won't be like that.

    Being on WTO terms, for example, might mean that the UK can now make its own trade deals across the world - whooopppeeeee - but you need to also consider how difficult this would be, how long it would take, that we'd be doing it from a position of considerable weakness, and the huge compromises we'd have to make in return.

    Eg. Trading with the India this would be: Very, very, very weak and lots & lots of visas (so much for your immigration control). You will end up wishing for the level of sovereignty we had with the EU.

    Or, how about our first port of call - the US? Very, very, very weak, and almost certainly lots of compromises over food standards, environmental issues, and the risk to our great institutions from privatisation.

    The contents of that poster by the deviating JJ are meaningless. Oh the money we can put in the NHS! Listen up - the NHS is crumbling, and that is partly due to the knock on our economy by the simple threat of Brexit.

    Pull your head out from whence it sits.

    Start using impartial & credible sources of information as I've recommended to your leader, and advise your sidekicks to do the same.
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    "So why are we at where we are now. ??"

    Because some people:
    Don't want democracy.
    Don't understand democracy.
    Don't understand what Free Speech is.
    Trust Germany with our future.
    Don't love their country, way of life, history, culture and religion.
    Do not have any philosophical basis to their lives.
    Don't understand human nature and its history.

    Add to this a disproportionate number of left wing, liberal, Marxist, brain washed snowflakes of all ages... and the answer is there.

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  20. Gringo28

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    DIe hard remoaners are sitting back smug and confident that the middle one will prevail.
    They think things can just go on as normal.
    The Uk more subservieant than ever under eu rule.

    Over 17million people skrewed over. Democracy turned on its head.
    People who never voted before that voted in the referendum realizing that democracy doesn't exist in this country.
    Just watch uk politics turn to poison for a whole generation.
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