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    As I said, it's entirely your own choice to do so and you are undoubtedly suffering the consequences of which that bitterness brings.
    I don't care in the slightest.

    I am slightly disappointed though that your hours of hard work failed to produce any 'dirt' (I mean quotes that YOU alone, think are "rabid") on your self appointed leader of the opposition.
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    No 'rony
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    The thing is, DA, you welcome a world without borders, you would approve if Indian citizens had the freedom to live wherever they wanted.
    You admitted to such on the 'thread of threads' many moons ago.
    The trouble is, you belong to a minute minority with such views.
    In other words..
    You shouldn't judge others to be as daft as you are.
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    I presume you stand by all your orange comments? And that of your colleagues?

    No 'rony.
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    Nope, I ain't found nuffink blatantly racist from you, Longsie - as befits a careful leader. (Just lots of support and likes for your colleagues. And not a single word of criticism.)

    And, of course, plenty of sneaky underhand 'personal' work too - as well you know. shudder
  6. longboat

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    So be it.
    Nice to see you standing behind your open borders idealism, though.

    I've proved my point.

    No, I meant, you have proved my point for me.
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    Why are you talking like a 5-year old?

    As for 'open borders', if you are referring to freedom of movement between EU citizens, then - yes, absolutely - I stand by that. It benefits us all - even us Brits...

    And you know there is protection against illegal immigrants and EU workers who cannot find a job within a certain time frame. As it should be.

    I could be just flippant and reply with 'I see you are standing behind your fellow-rabids' orange comments'?

    What are you lot like! Correct - the same.
  8. longboat

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    Congrats on the blatant preemptive strike, sir, that one's a blinder.

    We don't have a choice on the matter of other, EU member citizens residing in the UK. As you well know.
    You also know that I was referring to other countries outside of the, EU, on this point.
    India, to be specific. You have previously stated that you can see no reason why they (all 1 billion +) should be prevented from living in whatever country they wish.
  9. Gringo28

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    We joined the eec to trade goods. Not people.
    The idea that you can only trade goods if you sign up to a contract accepting people also, is madness.
    Ideological fantasy land stuff.
    Is it any wonder you have Brexit to deal with!
    Must be a real bummer.:D
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    We might have thought that at the time, but the politicians and the now EU knew all along what it was doing.
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    Ahh , wasn't a recent " child refugee" recently found to be a 30 yr old man ? Now who's being a tad disingenuous? I thought it was a reasonable question to ask DA (obviously you don't like to question the age of supposed "child refugees")
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    Strawman argument DA. If another country wants an item made to their specifications, there's no need for a deal that includes "visas for the masses" in that agreement. (that's all in your own mind )
  13. Isitreally

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    Orange ??
  14. joinerjohn1

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    I think it's a reference to Trump (you know the US president elected well after the referendum vote, He'll keep on mentioning that you and I would vote for him, or anyone like him in any other country for that matter :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:)
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  16. retiredsparks

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    135 killings in London in 2018.
    Sounds like 'rivers of blood' to me.
  17. Allsorts

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    I have previously stated what?! I think you must be seeing things. Wishful things.
  18. Allsorts

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    The suspect comeback continues...

    We can cut to the chase and discount a number of issues of 'concern' for the hard Brexiteers on here.

    The 'economic' argument for a 'hard one' is dismissed by virtually all credible expert sources and virtually all parliamentarians. The support for the economic argument - that the UK will blossom when set free - is supported by which economic experts? And by which parliamentarians? (Mogg, Fox, IDS, Redwood...)

    The overwhelming consensus is that a hard exit would be be of huge economic damage to our country, and we would be trying to set up new trade deals from a position of immense weakness from an already-damaged economy. About the only argument remaining is how bad it would be, and how long it would take to recover (I suspect a few of the suspects won't still be here by then. And I'm not talking about the SF forum).

    I do not accept - I do not believe - that the suspects on here are honest or sincere when they use the economic case as justification for their vote. What evidence have we seen? Daft posters from hugely biased sources and equally daft claims by the u-s. It's nonsense.

    The 'sovereignty' argument is equally discredited. We have always been and always will be a sovereign nation. Hard Brexiteers have argued that we need to make our own decisions bring back control, have power over our own laws, trade under our terms. We do have power over our own laws - except those we were happy to democratically cede to the EU as part of the deal and shared values. Trade under our own terms? From a position of weakness? Without the backing of 27 other countries and 500 millions fellow-customers? You must be kidding. You must be - it's just nuts. The UK is about to find out what ceding sovereignty is really about; from the west to the far east, countries will have us over a barrel. And the UK could have the likes of Fox negotiating on our behalf - good lawd.

    I do not accept - I do not believe - that the suspects on here are honest or sincere when they use the 'sovereignty' call as justification for their vote. What evidence have we seen? Daft claims that we ain't sovereign now, but will be after. It's nonsense.

    What else is there? Border control? If the u-s on here were to ever begin to use trusted and impartial sources of information, they would find that - almost certainly - levels of immigration will not fall after a hard one, but will likely remain similar to now or even increase. The only significant difference is where these folk will come from, and who's arm has been twisted to allow them in.

    I do accept - I do believe - that the suspects on were are honest and sincere when they use 'immigration' as a true 'justification' for their vote, but they are too intentionally ignorant to realise how counter-productive this move could be, and too bigoted to recognise the benefits of immigration; they focus only on the small unrepresentative number of drawbacks - as does Trump. What evidence have we seen on here for suspecting (nah, believing) it's all about 'immigrants'? Daft claims that we have rivers of blood, and lots and lots of unquestionably bigoted orange remarks - none of which (apart from one recent and very luke-warm 'condemnation' made under duress by IIR...). It's nonsense.

    So, xenophobia it is. Everything else is a smoke screen.
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    Oh gawd - Longsie just made me face-palm... :oops:

    SOZ! It was RS!

    Soooo confusing.

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