"Unsatisfactory" EICR for underrated MCB (20 Amp instead of 32 Amp)

Discussion in 'Electricians' Talk' started by Ardent, Aug 29, 2020.

  1. unphased

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    Yes BT that's what I said. EICRs are an art not a dogmatic test everything in sight. You test whatever you feel needs testing. To confirm cpc continuity use R2, R1+R2 or Zs.
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    I’m going to shove my head above the parapet here. I hardy ever do (R1+R2) when doing EICRs...Not that we do many as so many bottom feeders doing them for pocket money and won’t compete. The Circuits are already energised so might as well do Zs. Obviously always do Ze. In my opinion inspection is one of the most important factors when doing periodic inspections as part of an EICR. If it’s looking Ropey and looks like Dave from the Red Lion pub has done a load of Electrical work there for beer tokens then you might have to work harder for your money when testing. For me most end up with C3 for things like lack a labelling, cables buried in the fabric of the building with no additional protection, bonding in wrong locations, 6mm bonds on TNCS. Occasionally get C2 for things like ground floor sockets with no 30mA protection and likely to be used for equipment outdoors, Lighting circuits supplying lights in a bathroom with no 30mA RCD protection (or supplementary bonding If the bathroom has no 30mA RCD), exposed insulation, broken rings. I usually unplug everything and still do a global IR test between live conductors to earth at 250V and note It as an agreed/operational limitation. I would say 75% of other sparks reports I’ve come across are mostly poor. Ive seen installations where it has old TRS cable and a satisfactory report with IR results recorded of >299 lol.
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    Check it out good watch.
  4. Ardent

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    Thanks fo everyone's who's contributed to this thread. It really has been invaluable.
    One final question:
    If an MCB is ever replaced for a higher or lower rated one or an RCBO, does the whole installation need to be retested to issue an EICR, or can a 'new' EICR be issued based on testing just the the altered circuit alone? Can the altered circuit cause any material difference to the un-altered ones?

    Thanks again.
  5. Alan sherriff

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  6. Alan sherriff

    Alan sherriff Active Member

    Reference down and up grade c/b if it does not make the installation less safe just amend the original eicr the change is for a reason
  7. unphased

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    You are confusing things. An EICR is a report on the condition of the installation at the time it was carried out. Any subsequent changes would not require the report to be altered. If changes are significant then an electrical certificate would be issued. But no you wouldn't need to test the entire installation for making a change to a circuit it's just the circuit that needs testing. The next EICR would pick up any alterations. It's not a certificate and doesn't need altering when changes or additions are carried out. That's not the purpose of it.
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    issue a certificate MWC/EIC for the work that you have done. An EICR is not a certificate it is a report, so It is not adequate for certifying new work. On an EICR there is no section to claim responsibility of design, erection etc of work undertaken. A EICR should only be used for reporting on the condition of a existing installation and not for installation of New DB / breakers / cabling etc. A installation which was designed to a earlier edition and which does not comply with the current regulations does not mean it’s unsafe for continued use. EICR reports on damage ,deteriorations,defects , dangerous conditions etc.
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    Got a call of a customer today he had a EICR and new consumer unit fitted last week and didn't want the sparkie back, the customer was having problems with the RCD tripping, i goes and finds fault within 30seconds (borrowed neutral on lights) and I also find the front cover of the consumer unit had no retaining screws in it, it could of fallen off anytime, I didn't realise how many bad sparks are out there until now doing testing most of them clueless, edit he didn't even put any labels on the board no rcd sticker or inspection label
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    That's probably the norm rather than the exception. You only have to read posts on this forum to realise that. Its never gonna change.
  11. sparky Si-Fi

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    Problem being, folk are fickle nowadays, they see the review with one/two stars, the name, NICEIC, a van rocks up at the front of the house with that logo on, what are they going to think?
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    Yes the results are to perfect looks like he has even multiplied the r1 reading of the continuity of the phase conductors by 1.67. to achieve the readings of the cpc continuity . This never happens in reality even on a brand new installation . Defiantly made up results . Even the R1 R2 value is a combination of r1 plus r2 divided by 4 to obtain the R1 R2 reading . looks like hes copied the readings from a text book !!!
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