Unused chimney breast - ventilation required?

Discussion in 'Builders' Talk' started by irobot8, Aug 29, 2022.

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    We've had the chimney stack removed on our 1930's bungalow, and it's been left open at loft-level. There's no loft conversion, and it's a cold loft with insulation between and over the joists. Walls are cavity construction without any insulation.

    If the stack were still in-place, I'm aware that we'd need to have a ventilated cap on the chimney pot and a vent at ground level in the lounge fireplace/breast (to provide ventilation and avoid damp).

    However, with the stack removed, could we get away without ventilating at ground level to minimise heat loss? ...or are we asking for damp problems?

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    No, its necessary to ventilate at all redundant fireplaces whether they are open or blocked off.
    If the flue was used for a solid fuel fire then the remaining flue probably needs sweeping.
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