Unvented drain and refill system process

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    Am I correct in saying, to drain down unvented system to remove and re-situate 2 radiators , the process is:
    • Turn off power to boiler
    • Open taps until water stops
    • Connect hose to lowest DOV and open and allow water to empty.
    • Open valves on radiators upstairs
    • When water stops, remove radiators and run piping accordingly ( close valves off again)
    • Connect rads in situ TRVs / lockshields
    • Refil system to 1.5 bar ( whilst boiler still off) using filling loop in airing cupboard.
    • Release excess air via radiator valves ( upstairs first and make my way down stairs)
    • Once air out, switch boiler back on
    • Have I missed anything guys please?
    Also, when I Tee into the hot and cold supply to basin supply in downstairs cloak to connect a shower , does the same process apply regarding the hot water feed to tap?

    Many thanks in advance


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