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Discussion in 'Tech Talk' started by Paul Blackburn, Nov 29, 2019 at 8:58 AM.

  1. Last night I wanted to watch something on the BBC iplayer but as my wife was watching something else I decided to watch it on this laptop but the following message keeps coming up and I wondered what I need to do
    This player will stop working on your device soon.
    Unfortunately you'll need to update your browser or device before the end of 2019 to continue to use this player.
    This is because flash will stop working in 2020.
    I was using Google as my browser but I tried again using Google Chrome and the message does seem to be appearing.Any advice appreciated.
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    It is the BBC being a pain AGAIN.

    They cannot be bothered to manage their software so just decide to dump "compatibiulity" with certaian devices. Just ask large numb ers of Samsung SMART TV owners, who had iPlayer removed from tehir devices that were sold with it. Or certain phone users who again cannot access iPlayer, or those who have lost radio capability as te new BBC app will not run
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    It's a nightmare, I have Samsung SMART tv.:mad:
    BBC keep moving the goalposts.

    Lost sound from iplayer on pc,solved it by using K Lite for the codecs,will play most video file formats,as a very good media player.

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    Isn't there BBC iPlayer software you can get for pc and Mac?
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    Ah. Yes. I see now... missed that
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    Google is a search engine, & Google Chrome is a web brower.

    Don't use Chome, Firefox user,never any problems.

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