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    Evening guys. Right at intake position (riser) voltage is 220v@60hz TN-C-S and this supply will be situated in Misami Oriental in a new build. Now one of the big problems with power in that area is that there are a lot of power downs which cause a massive spike when the power is reinstated, this apparently causes a lot of damage to fridge/freezers, tv's, even air con units etc etc I think you get the picture. What people there do is that when a power down occurs they unplug stuff and generally turn things off until power is reinstated. Now what I want to do is use an UPS unit which would be around the 20 amp mark to maintain supply.

    My question is does the UPS incorporate a surge arrestor or do I have to use a separate unit for that? Obviously when power is reinstated and UPS goes to sleep mode I want the spike absorbed before 220v rms is outputted.

    Would be very grateful for any help on this matter.
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    The UPS will definitely clean up the supply and prevent the switching transient getting through to your appliances, as well as it's stated job of ensuring supply continuity. You are concerned about the input to the UPS, I had a problem in Shropshire UK with our supply. The suppliers have installed a system that repeated closes the 11kV breakers on the line during a line fault, this leads to on, off, on, off in rapid succession, this damaged the boiler control. My solution was to incorporate a timer that would not re connect until the supply had been stable for a minute or so, does the trick, no more problems. For you, a delay on re connection would not be an issue as the UPS would be running.
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    What length of time are you wanting the UPS to work for? Obviously a UPS requires some kind of energy storage (batteries) to power appliances while the mains supply is off.
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    As the Doc, a ups is usually there to provide power to allow a controlled shut down of critical systems, like computers etc, not to allow them to continue to be used for any length of time particularly.
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    Indeed, what JP needs is more of a controlled shut-down and start-up gizmo rather than a USP per se.
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    Guys many thanks for your inputs on the matter - all points taken on board. After reading the posts I have decided to ditch the UPS idea, and instead go for emergency lighting only, as the UPS use on the required amperage I stated would be very expensive indeed..emergency lighting would be something like JCC down light units with the battery pack (I have this in my shower room)

    So what I need to do now is just have a surge arrestor at intake position, this will go just before the db (consumer unit)
    Have you guys got any recommendations for a surge arrestor unit as I know virtually nowt about this kind of thing. The supply frequency is 60 hz but I dont see any problems regarding this tbqh.

    Thanks guys, all appreciated.
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    RS brilliant m8 - thanks very much for that, now I can sort it
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    just thought it might give you some general insight...i have not dealt with this stuff either.
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    bell[1] (1).png Just been looking at some of the options RS and it looks like I will be able to use a separate unit (fitted just before db) which is absolutely ideal. Even though it is a foreign deployment there is not that much difference really I think, suppose companies like General Electric will come up trumps with what I require..will sift through info and at least I know this gear exists now.. bell[1] (1).png
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    Sounds an interesting project....looks like you are on the work there ?

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